Loyola University Chicago

General Biology Lab

1 - Biodiversity in Chicago

In this exercise, you were introduced to the biodiversity and natural history of the Chicago region. In addition, you identified trees on campus using a dichotomous keyYou should know the features and recognize images of different habitats in the Chicago region.

On this page, you will find photos of leaves from campus trees which you can use to test your vocabulary of leaf morphology. You will be expected to use this vocabulary and know how to use a dichotomous key to identify trees.

For each photo, decide if the leaves are deciduous or evergreen.

If they are deciduous:

  • Are they arranged opposite or alternate?
  • Are they simple or compound leaves?
  • Are the veins arranged in a pinnate or palmate pattern?
  • What term would be used to describe the leaf shape?
  • What term would be used to describe the leaf margin?

If the leaves are evergreen:

  • Are these leaves needle-shaped, awl-shaped or scale-shaped?
  • Are these leaves bundled or not?

To access these images in PowerPoint format, click here.

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