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MS in Biology


Our faculty members are well-respected leaders in their fields and publish extensively. They also attract a significant amount of external grant support which allows them to pursue research projects that are at the forefront of modern biology. Students receive individual attention as they pursue their own research and work toward their master's degree.

The MS degree is conferred after demonstrating proficiencies as assessed as follows:

  1. Students are expected to gain proficiency in experimental design and analysis. Students must successfully complete (grade of B or higher) the required Biostatistics course (BIOL 470) as an assessment of learned skills in experimental design and analysis.
  2. Students are expected to gain proficiency in scientific writing and reading scientific literature, assessed by successfully completing (grade of B or higher) the required Scientific Logic course (BIOL 500).
  3. Students’ academic progress in the program will be evaluated each semester by a thesis committee consisting of at least three Biology Graduate Faculty members, two of which are Department of Biology faculty. Students are expected to meet with their committee and provide a written progress report including all preliminary data and analyses for evaluation.
  4. Students are expected to gain communication skills in both teaching and presenting research by successfully completing the required teaching unit (didactic + practical teaching) and Graduate seminar.
  5. Students’ ability to critically think, analyze data and write scientifically will be assessed by the successful completion of a formal thesis, approved by their full thesis committee.
  6. Finally, students’ ability to interact as an independent researcher is assessed by the presentation of the thesis research in a seminar format to the entire Biology Department, and successful defense of the thesis in an oral exam judged by the student’s thesis committee.

MS in Biology Program

Note: Fall admission deadline is February 1 for stipend and tuition scholarship consideration, otherwise June 1.

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