Loyola University Chicago

Building Resilience Against Violence Engagement (BRAVE)

School of Social Work

Rana Hong

Rana Hong, PhD, LCSW, RPT-S is a  Senior Research Associate at Center for Research On Self-Sufficiency in the School of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago. Dr. Hong completed her Masters of Social Worker (M.S.W) Degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2000 and earned her doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Social Work at Loyola University Chicago in 2014. Prior to her employment at Loyola University Chicago, Dr. Hong has extensively treated children, adolescents, and families who suffer from behavioral and emotional issues such as attachment, anxiety, trauma, and oppositional defiance. With her clinical expertise in attachment-based models (Theraplay © and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy © PCIT), Dr. Hong is committed to promoting and enhancing the likelihood of restoring integrative self of each individual. Recent publications include Past and Current Trends of Play Therapy in Korea (Yoo, Jin, & Hong, 2017), Becoming a neurobiologically informed play therapist (Hong & Mason, 2016), and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescent in Crisis in Webb, N. (Gilbert & Hong, 2014). For community engagement, Dr. Hong has served as a Vice President at The Theraplay Institute since 2016.