Loyola University Chicago

Community Relations

Community Building

With the advice and guidance of the Lake Shore Campus Advisory Council and our partners at the Water Tower Campus, Community Relations engages in community building activities that serve to inform and engage community members about university planning, events, and other pertinent information. Additionally, as active members of boards of directors in several neighborhood and non-profit organizations, we are conduits for information to bring back to the university community for wider support, participation, discussion. 

Community Relations is a current, active member of the following block clubs at Lake Shore Campus:

We serve as board members for the following nonprofit organizations:

We participate in and provide sponsorship support for community organized events and promotions such as:

  • Artists of the Wall

  • Rogers Park Business Alliance Annual Meeting and Fundraiser

  • Edgewater Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and Fundraiser

  • Edgewater Chamber of Commerce EdgeCard

  • Edgewater Development Corporation Raven Theater Fundraiser Edgewater Gralley

  • Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival

  • Northside Community Resources, Spirit of Rogers Park

  • Sacred Heart Schools, L'Espirit

  • Taste of RogersEdge 

Through these affiliations and events, we continue to support and sustain the development of a vibrant community that serves the needs of students, faculty, staff, neighbors, residents, and visitors.