Loyola University Chicago

Community Relations


With the advice and guidance of the Lake Shore Campus Advisory Council and our partners at the Water Tower Campus, Community Relations engages in several initiatives that seek to promote environmental sustainability in the development of our campus and our neighborhoods and provide information and awareness around creating a greener community.  Additionally, we provide opportunities and resources to connect local environmental initiatives to the academic and student communities on campus.

To achieve this, we:

  • Annually organize and host the North Lake Shore Earth Day Celebration
  • Lead sustainability efforts on campus through the Consumption Reduction & Recycling Committee;
  • Work closely with the department of Capital Planning to ensure proposed project developments on campus are environmentally engineered;
  • Act as the conduit to connect student research to community sustainability planning as was done in the Edgewater 2020 plan and Loyola Student Farmers Market Initiative;
  • Collaborate with Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy (CUERP), Edgewater Beautiful and 49th Ward Green Corps to host the “Building a Sustainable Community Series.”

Through these affiliations and events, we continue to support and uphold the development of a sustainable, vibrant community that serves the needs of students, faculty, staff, residents and visitors