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The Community Action Scholarship

What is the Community Action Scholarship?

The Community Action Scholarship

Loyola’s Office of Community Relations serves as one of Loyola's connections between the University and its surrounding neighborhoods. Through a series of partnerships with City of Chicago, local schools, community policing, block clubs, chambers of commerce, neighborhood organizations and nonprofits, our office has demonstrated a commitment to improving the vitality and sustainability of our neighborhoods. Loyola’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES) prepares baccalaureate and graduate students for socially responsible professions in environmental science, policy, education, business, and health. IES is a national leader in advancing the knowledge of environmental problems and trains Loyola students to develop solutions through original research and community outreach.

Acknowledging both Loyola’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the long standing relationship the university has developed with its community partners, our offices have created a Community Action Scholarship fund for Loyola. The beneficiary of this scholarship will continue to carry out the mission of Community Relations and the Institute of Environmental Sustainability by designing and implementing a community-based project that improves the environmental, economic, and/or social sustainability of Rogers Park and/or Edgewater neighborhoods.

To make a gift to the Community Action Scholarship Fund, follow this link and click “Direct Your Gift to Community Action Scholarship Fund.”