Recent Publications

Donner, C.M., Maskaly, J., Popovich, N., & Thompson, K. (forthcoming). Exploring the relationship between effective parenting, self-control, and adherence to the police code of silence. Deviant Behavior.

Maskaly, J., Ivkovic, S.K., Haberfeld, M., Donner, C.M., Chen, T., & Meyers, M. (forthcoming). Assessing the validity of Police Integrity Scale in a comparative context. Policing & Society.

Donner, C.M. (forthcoming). “The best predictor of future behavior is…”: Examining the impact of past police misconduct on the likelihood of future misconduct. Journal of Crime & Justice.

Donner, C.M., & Popovich, N. (forthcoming). Hitting (or missing) the mark: An examination of police shooting accuracy. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management.

Lombardo, R.M., & Donner, C.M. (2018). Can community policing increase informal social control? Testing the impact of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy. Police Practice & Research, 19(5), 427-442.

Maskaly, J., & Donner, C.M., Jennings, W.G., Ariel, B., & Sutherland, A. (2017). The effects of body-worn cameras (BWCs) on police and citizen outcomes: A state-of-the-art review. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 40(4), 672-688.

Donner, C.M., Maskaly, J., Piquero, A.R., & Jennings, W.G. (2017). Quick on the draw: Assessing the relationship between low self-control and officer-involved police shootings. Police Quarterly, 20(2), 213-234.

Hollianne, M., Lombardo, R. M. (2016, March). What effect did the mob have on Chicago neighborhoods? Explicating the relationship between racket subcultures and informal social control. Trends in Organized Crime, 9(1). DOI 10.1007/s12117-016-9272-5.

Olson, D.E., Stalans, L.J., & Escobar, G.E. (2016). Comparing male and female prison releasees across risk factors and post-prison recidivism. Women and Criminal Justice, 26(2), 122-144. DOI:10.1080/08974454.2015.1083930.

Stalans, L. J. & Finn, M.A. (2016). Consulting legal experts in the real and virtual world: Pimps' and johns' cultural schemas about strategies to avoid arrest and conviction. Deviant Behavior, 37(6), 644-644. DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2015.1060810.

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Stalans, L. J. & Lurigio, A. J. (2015). Parenting and intimate partner effects on women offenders' recidivism and noncompliance with probation. Women and Criminal Justice, 25(3), 152-168. DOI:10.1080/08974454.2014.909764.

Stemen, Don & Andres F. Rengifo. (2015). The focal concerns of sentencing and mandatory sentencing laws: Circumvention in the context of mandatory probation and treatment. Journal of Crime and Justice 38: 183-203 (first published online February 20, 2014).

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Vecchio, J. Michael. (2013). Once bitten, thrice wise: The varying effects of victimization on routine activities and risk management. Deviant Behavior 34(3):169-190.

Funded Research Projects

2016-2017 Co-Principle Investigator (with David Olson, Co-Principal Investigator). Felony Sentencing and Prison Utilization Research, Evaluation, and Strategic Planning Efforts in Illinois. Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, ($49,811).

Olson, David, Don Stemen, and Robert Lombard (Co-Principal Investigators). The Implementation and Impact of Capital Punishment Reforms in Illinois. Illinois Capital Punishment Reform Committee 2009–2010.

Stemen, Don and Andres F. Rengifo (Co-Principal Investigators). Alternative Sentencing Policies for Drug Offenders: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Kansas Senate Bill 123. National Institute of Justice (2008–2010).

Rengifo, Andres F. and Don Stemen (Co-Principal Investigators). Context and Impact of Organizational Changes in State Corrections Agencies: A Study of Local Discourses and Practices in Kansas and Michigan. National Institute of Corrections (2009–2010).

Stemen, Don and Bruce Fredericks (Co-Principal Investigators). The Anatomy of Discretion: An Analysis of Prosecutorial Decision Making. National Institute of Justice (2009–2011).

Recent Presentations

Stalans, L. J. & Finn, M.A. (2016). Pimps' Perspectives on Good and Bad Sex Workers: Workplace Deviance and Dehumanization. American Criminology Society, New Orleans, LA.

Stemen, Don. Prosecution and Racial Justice: Using Prosecution Case Management Data to Examine Disparity. National Institute of Justice Annual Conference, June 2010. Washington, DC.

Olson, David and Jordan Boulger.* Explaining the Recidivism of Juvenile Released from Prison: The Illinois Experience. Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference, September 2009. Chicago, IL.

Lombardo, Robert and David Olson. The Illinois Capital Punishment Reform Act: How Policy Affests Practice. Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference, September 2009. Chicago, IL.

Bensiger, Gad. Organized Crime in Isreal: An Update. Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference, September 2009. Chicago, IL.

Stalans, Loretta J. How Similar and Different Are Risk Factors for Violent Recidivism During Probation and after Discharged from Probation? Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference, September 2009. Chicago, IL.

Commissions and Advising

David Olson has been appointed to a six-year term on the Advisory Board for the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. The 13-member Board advises the IDOC concerning policy matters and programs for incarcerated persons and those on parole.