Kayla Martensen, ABD

Title/s:  Lecturer

Office #:  Mundelein Center, Room 805B

Phone: (773) 508-8608


CV Link: K_Martensen_CV_Fall_2023..

Courses Taught

  • CJC 101 - Criminal Justice in a Global Context
  • CJC 345 - Social Justice and Crime
  • CJC 372 - Race, Ethnicity & Criminal Justice System


2020   Feminist Criminology Graduate Research Scholarship,  $5000 Division on Women and Crime, American Society of Criminology    
2019   Institute of Race and Public Policy,  $1,500 University of Illinois Chicago                                   


Selected Publications

Martensen, K. (2022). Prison is not Feminist, Service is not Liberation: Punishment, Service and a Web of Detainment. In Bierria, A., Caruthers, J. &, Lober, B. (Eds.) Abolition Feminisms: Feminist Ruptures Against the Carceral State. Haymarket Books.

Wong, R. & Martensen, K. (2022). Let's start talking: A reflective essay on minority students' experiences in academic spaces, publishing, and journal involvement. Learned Publishing, 35: 413–417. 

Martensen, K. (2022). Book Review: Latinas in the Criminal Justice System: Victims, Targets, and Offenders. eds Vera Lopez and Lisa Pasko. Theoretical Criminology, 26(2),

Martensen, K. & Richie, B.E. (2021). Prison Abolition in Global Perspective. In Oxford Encyclopedia of International Criminology. Oxford.

Martensen, K. (2021). Sanctuary?: A Discussion on Latinx/a Women and Girls in a Carceral State. In Leonard, L. (Ed), People, Process, and Practice in Criminal Justice. IGI Global. 10.4018/978-1-7998-6646-6.ch002

Richie, B., Kanuha, V.K. & Martensen, K. (2021).  Colluding with and Resisting the State: Organizing Against Gender Violence in the U.S. Feminist Criminology.

Martensen, K. (2020). Review of Carceral State Theories and Applications. Social Compass, 14(7).

Martensen, K. (2020). Teaching Abolition to Future Police Officers: A Reflective Essay on Pedagogies of Response and Care. Contemporary Justice Review, 23(3).

Maniglia, R. and Martensen, K.  (2020). Introduction to Special Issue on Teaching Social Justice: The Classroom as a Space for Social Transformation. Contemporary Justice Review, 23(3).

Richie, B. and Martensen, K. (2020). Resisting Carcerality, Embracing Abolition: Implications for Feminist Social Work Practice. Affilia, 35(1), 12-16.