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Capstone Design Projects

Capstone Design Projects


During their last year, seniors conduct two-semester capstone design projects within ENGR 381/382/383 and ENGR 391/392/393.  Each project is industry-sponsored.  Through the Combined Capstone Lab, student teams have dedicated space for their projects and videoconferencing capability.  Each week, the student teams videoconference with their industry Sponsor.

Our 2022-2023 sponsors and projects are:


  • Viscous Liquid Pump Mechanism (Biomedical Engineering)


  • Monitoring Emerald Ash Borers (Computer/Environmental Engineering)

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

  • Peritoneal Dialysis Transfer Set-Redesign (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Remote Monitoring of a Medical Device (Biomedical Engineering)


  • Smart Glass Demonstration (Computer Engineering)

Chicago Zoological Society (which operates the Brookfield Zoo)

  • Great Bear Wilderness - Nutrient Removal (Environmental Engineering)


  •  Self-Sufficient Dynamic Prosthesis Tracker Development (Computer Engineering)


  • Residential Drainage Improvement Project (Environmental Engineering)


Our 2021-2022 sponsors and projects were:


  • Software Verification Tool for Infusion Pumps (Biomedical Engineering)

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

  • Wireless Remote Display for Safety Critical Therapy (Biomedical Engineering)

Chicago Zoological Society (which operates the Brookfield Zoo)

  • Roosevelt Fountain Wind-Driven VFD Pump Control (Computer/Environmental Engineering)

Our 2020-2021 sponsors and projects were:

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

  • BaxHUD Hood Workflow System (Biomedical Engineering)

Chicago Zoological Society

  • Swan Lake Remediation and Resource Recovery (Environmental Engineering)

The Morton Arboretum

  • The Umbrella Sense Environmental Sensor Package: Tree Canopy Air Quality (Environmental Engineering)

Plant Chicago

  • Implementation of a Small-Scale Anaerobic Digester (Environmental Engineering)

SonoVol, Inc

  • Automated Kidney Segmentation of Murine-Based Volumetric Ultrasound with a U-Net Base Neural Network (Computer Engineering)

Uronext, LLC

  • Magnetic Induction Wand for Novel Penile Prosthesis (Biomedical Engineering)

Our 2019-2020 sponsors and projects were:


Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Chicago Zoological Society (which operates the Brookfield Zoo)

One Energy

Uncommon Ground

Our 2018-2019 sponsors and projects were:

Chicago Zoological Society

  • Seven Seas Dolphin Water Treatment Plant (Environmental Engineering)


  • Pill Sorter (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Image Processing Algorithms for Automating Pharmacy Procedures (Computer Engineering)