Loyola University Chicago



from the Director

‌Thank you for your interest in the Engineering program. 

We are excited to be offering an Engineering degree at Loyola. As engineers and aspiring engineers, we all share the same mission—to make a positive change in the world by crafting efficient solutions to important problems. The curriculum in the Engineering Science program will give you valuable theoretical, practical, and hands-on knowledge that will prepare you to immediately make an impact as you begin your career.

The experience I bring to the classroom and the program is wide and varied. I have been a medical device industry executive, as well as a professor. This experience has inspired me to build a program that is practical, rooted firmly in engineering theory, and yet offers students a unique opportunity to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills.

If you’re planning to be on campus for a visit, please feel free to stop by. I’d be happy to meet with you Monday through Friday if you let me know ahead of time.


Gail D. Baura, PhD
Director of Engineering Science
Loyola University Chicago