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Supply Chain and Sustainability Management Essentials

The current global health pandemic has brought the importance of supply chains into clear relief – illustrating the extent to which our lives are dependent on them for food, health care, and a wide range of goods and services.  

The Supply Chain and Sustainability Management Essentials certificate program provides participants with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of effective supply chain management across the end-to-end supply chain. This addresses a wide spectrum of supply chain techniques designed to reduce cost, improve profitability, and maximize the customer experience while balancing social, environmental, and economic concerns.

This program focuses on the essential strategies and operational tactics involved with managing a supply chain, both domestically and internationally. The emphasis will be on practical implementation supported by hands-on classroom application throughout the duration of the program. Participants will leave with an enhanced understanding of their organization’s supply and value chain, ready to contribute immediately in a rapidly evolving business environment.

This course is relevant for anybody interested in learning more about the world of supply chain and sustainability. The program is designed for professionals with little formal supply chain training but who are exposed to the supply chain on a regular basis. Managers from other functions (i..e. sales, finance, and marketing), those new to the discipline, and those who aspire to a career in supply chain management will also benefit from the program.

This course will give a broad overview of what a supply chain is, how they work, how they impact your everyday life and how you can more effectively work with or be a better consumer of supply chain services. Additional takeaways include:


  • An understanding of various functions within supply chains and how they impact each other 
  • Overview of the many acronyms used within the supply chain industry 
  • Action items to make supply chains more resilient  
  • Differentiation between sourcing and buying 
  • Insight on how supply chains impact the environment while exploring the cost of sustainability
  • Global Supply Chain Essentials 
  • Procurement and Negotiations 
  • Transportation, Warehousing, & Supply Chain Sustainability 
  • Inventory: Just in Time or Just in Case?
Peter Alle
Oliver Wight Americas, Inc.
Tom Drake
President, TD Supply Chain Solutions
Adjunct Instructor, Quinlan School of Business
David Di Pietro
Vice President, Global Sourcing
Harry Haney
Adjunct Faculty
Quinlan School of Business

"This course provided a broad baseline and overview of supply chain operations. It was interesting to speak with a group from all areas (i.e. Healthcare, manufacturing, restaurants, airlines) and to realize the pain points in one sector are connected indirectly to other sectors. I especially appreciated the tools that were offered and class time used to demostrate them."

Sharon Ward
Director, Hospital Consulting

"This course offers tools that can be used within one's own organization to anticipate problems and maintain a sustainable supply chain. The instructors are knowledgeable and are are willing to answer questions and provide feedback. I highly recommend this course for any procurement employee."

Joseph Fruin
Purchasing Manager
Home Run Inn, Inc.

Upcoming Sessions  
ONLINE: April 7 - 28, 2021
Class meets Wednesdays, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. CDT
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