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The Center for Experiential Learning offers a number of engaged learning courses (EXPL courses, formerly UNIV) through the center. Throughout the academic year, staff from the Center for Experiential Learning teach a number of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses that engage Loyola students in experiential learning opportunities that take them beyond the traditional classroom. All of these courses are open to students from all majors of the university's schools and colleges; all of them fulfill the University's "Engaged Learning" Requirement.

For Fall 2018, the following courses will be offered:

Detailed information on the various CEL courses and their instructors can be found in LOCUS, or by clicking on the course-specific links below:

EXPL 291: Seminar in Community-Based Research and Leadership – Refugee Issues

This course is a seminar course focusing on community-based research and leadership through service-learning with a specific focus on issues facing the refugee community. As a service-learning course, students will work a minimum of 20 hours over the semester through direct service AND community-based research projects at a non-profit, community-based organization serving refugee communities, approved by the Center for Experiential Learning. Students will reflect on their service and community-based research experience in the context of asset mapping, organizational action research, civic engagement, social justice, leadership in the community, and research as service for the common good. To enroll, contact the instructors for more information and permissions.


Susan Haarman, M.Div
Associate Director - Service Learning
Phone: 773.508.7080


Patrick M. Green, EdD
Director of the Center for Experiential Learning
Phone: 773.508.3945


EXPL 390: Internship Seminar: Organizational Change & Community Leadership

This is a 3-credit seminar course where students reflect on their personal, professional and civic development in their internship or advanced student employment experience. Students work a minimum of 100 hours over the semester at their organization, and explore topics such as leadership, organization theory, and civic professionalism through readings, class discussion, and reflective assignments. EXPL 390 fulfills the Engaged Learning requirement and provides for general elective credit. Enrollment in EXPL 390 requires permission of the instructor. To enroll, contact Cynthia Stewart, Assistant Director, Academic Internships in the Center for Experiential Learning.


Cynthia P. Stewart, PhD
Assistant Director, Academic Internships
Phone: 773.508.6090