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Center for Experiential Learning

Learning & Serving Well

"The most gratifying and beautiful feelings I have ever felt have been at El Hogar Del Nino." Itzel Juarez, Service-Learning Student

It is critical to make a good impression while you're serving at the community organization.   You are representing yourself, your class, your professor and the university, and you are able to serve because of the relationships that have been built over time.   By engaging fully in the service experience, you enable students to come after you and continue relationships between Loyola and the community that are mutually beneficial.  The following video explains why and provides ten ideas to help you be the best serve and learn while you're on site:

  1. Approach volunteering as you would a job search
  2. Know what you can (and can't) offer
  3. Do your research before contacting an organization
  4. Be clear when communicating with the organization
  5. Be patient in awaiting organization responses
  6. Be flexible about your expectations
  7. Treat your position as if it were a paid job
  8. Stay focused on your learning goals while on site
  9. Document your position and work appropriately
  10. When in doubt, ASK.