Loyola University Chicago

Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy

Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Student Centered Design Resources

Video and Audio Resources for Instructors on Student-Centered Design and Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Below are instructional videos and audio on implementing aspects of Student-Centered Design and Anti-Racist Pedagogy in your classes! They were funded by either a Student-Centered Design or Anti-Racist Pedagogy Micro-grant, made possible by a generous grant from the Office of the Provost. 

They are organized by the following themes: 

  • Syllabus Design
  • Course Policies
  • Classroom Environment
  • Student Learning
  • Course Assessment

Inquiry-Driven Learning by Dr. Catherine Nichols

Description: In this video, you will learn about inquiry-driven learning as teaching strategy through which instructors can "activate student curiosity" and make students more engaged in their learning. Dr. Nichols provides details about how to incoroporate this strategy in your teaching.


Funded by a Student-Centered Design Micro-grant.

Intersectionality of Identities Class Activity by Dr. Zoe Smith

Description: In this video, Dr. Smith shares one of her classroom assignments/exercises that addresses student intersectionality of identity in an attempt to allow the students a critical space to reflect on their own identities. One of the purposes of this exercise is to assist students situate their own (dis) privileges in their social settings. Dr. Smith shares a specific exercise and walks us through the steps of applying in the classroom. 


Video funded by an Anti-Racist Pedagogy Micro-grant.