Loyola University Chicago

Global Studies


Internships in Global Studies

Loyola’s program in global studies provides the opportunity for students to earn academic credit while interning at organizations in Chicago and around the world. Positions are regularly available at a variety of non-profit, for-profit, and governmental organizations, including consulates and various national trade representative delegations. Any professional work experience that engages an area related to global or international work can be used for an internship under the auspices of the Global Studies Program.  

Students may enroll in GLST 370 for three to six credit hours. Three credits require 120 total hours of internship work over the course of an academic term. Each additional credit hour requires an additional forty hours of internship work per term up to a maximum of 240 hours for six credits. Normally, students will work in their internship position between eight and sixteen hours per week over the course of a typical fifteen-week semester. Internships are also available over the summer months and require enrolling in GLST 370 during one of the summer sessions.  

Only three credit hours of the internship course may be applied to the global studies major/minor. Any student electing to enroll in GLST 370 for more than three credit hours may count the additional credits toward the university’s total credit-hour requirement for graduation or may seek permission to apply the credit hours toward another major or minor. Students participating in the Loyola Washington, D.C. program may also seek permission to enroll in three credits of GLST 370 if they are placed in an internationally oriented internship. 

The Global Studies Program maintains an extensive list of organizations offering internship opportunities. Please contact the GLST Internship Coordinator to obtain this list.  If you wish to seek credit for an internship position not on our list, please send the name of the organization sponsoring your internship, a description of your duties as an intern, contact information for your internship supervisor, and a brief description of how the internship is global/international in nature to the Internship Coordinator.   

How Do I Enroll in GLST 370? 

Students may not self-enroll in GLST 370. After accepting an internship offer from an approved institution or organization, please contact the Internship Coordinator, who will then enroll you in GLST 370. Please remember to specify how many credits you would like to enroll for and provide your student ID number. Only students with a GPA of 2.5 or greater may be enrolled in the course.