Loyola University Chicago

Health Sciences Research

Stritch Programs

The Stritch School of Medicine promotes interdisciplinary research and education programs that range from basic discovery to clinical research, including population, health services, and implementation studies.


Translating effective practices and policies into evidence-based initiatives for public health leaders. Learn more here.

Discovering innovative treatments and cures for cancer. Learn more here.

Advancing discoveries in basic neuroscience to improve the lives of those suffering from neurological disorders. Learn more here.

Investigating treatment and prevention of injury and infection, while initiating studies and trials to achieve improved outcomes. Learn more here.

Uniting experts in cardiology, cardiomyopathy, hemostasis and thrombosis, heart transplantation, and thoracic and cardiovascular surgery to advance quality of life. Learn more here.

Exploring interactions between microbes and the immune system; translating knowledge to the treatment, control, and prevention of disease. Learn more here.