The Alumni Board of Governors (Board) advocates for the Law School and its members act as advisors to the School of Law Office of Alumni Relations and Development and to the Dean of the School of Law. The Board elects its members as well as officers, and acts for and on behalf of the alumni in all matters within the jurisdiction of the Board of Governors.

The Board actively promotes and assists students and graduates of Loyola Law School in the furtherance of their legal careers; advocates and practices the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct; and promotes a spirit of civility and community among the law school alumni.

The Board is charged with creating a greater awareness and visibility for the Law School; encourages alumni to participate in Board and Law School programs and activities; assists in the recruitment of volunteer leadership for the Board; and helps improve the School of Law’s philanthropic commitments by providing and/or stewarding support through sponsorship of the Alumni Awards Reunion and other fundraising initiatives.

Current Members and Officers

Freddi Greenberg (JD ’75)
Freddi L. Greenberg Attorney at Lawy

Vice President
Kate Conway (JD ’11)
Power Rogers, LLP

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Chair
Sonia Antolec (JD '07)
Illinois Court of Claims

Damien Society Annual Giving Chair
Kevin Lichtenberg  (JD '10, MA '11)
Monahan Law Group, LLC

Executive Committee Member
Liz Winiarski (JD '10)
Deputy General Counsel 
LAZ Parkings

Matt Adair (JD '09)
Cooney & Conway

Michael Alkaraki (JD '06) 
Leahy Hoste Alkaraki

Robert Bingle (JD '79)
Wise Morrissey, LLC

Ellen Westley Brace (JD '11)
Assistant Public Defender
Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender

Donald Cole (JD '09)
Senior Legal Counsel
Tate & Lyle

Matthew Glavin (JD '09)
Cozen O'Connor

Susie Graham (JD '94)
Of Counsel
Donnelly Law Firm LLC

Michael Harring (JD '75)

Gretchen Harris Sperry (JD '05)
Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Pete Hoste (JD '97)
Leahy Hoste Alkaraki

Claire Manning (JD '79)
Brown, Hay & Stephen

Greg McKenna (JD '01)
National Practice Manager
Gallagher Bassett

Hon. Brian R. McKillip (BA '68, JD '72)
Ret. Associate Judge
18th Judicial Circuit

John Mitchell (JD '04) 
Assistant United States Attorney
United States Attorney's Office, 
Northern District of Illinois

Desiree Moore (JD '05)
K&L Gates

Jonathan Motto (JD '11)
McDermott, Will & Emery

Elizabeth (Betsy) Nelson (JD '10)
Real Estate Counsel
Cousino Law

Ivan Settimba (JD '14)
Associate Attorney
Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP 

Robert Shannon (JD '95)
Managing Partner
Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Frank Tennant (JD '79)
Wolf & Tennant

Arianne Tucker (JD '15)
Principal, Legal Counsel
Adams Street Partners, LLC

Emily Vaughan (JD '14)
Loyola University Community Law Center, Veterans Practicum

Thomas Weber (JD '10)
Winston & Strawn LLP

Tanya Woods (JD '13) 
Executive Director
Westside Justice Center 

Fatema Zanzi (JD '06)
Chief Legal Officer
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Board Membership and Executive Officers

The Board is made up of 30 elected alumni members who have been out of law school a minimum of five years and three (3) officers of the law school: Dean, Associate Director/Director of Development, and Associate Dean for Advancement.

The Board shall elect its officers, which include the president, vice president, secretary, Damen Society/Annual Giving Chair, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Chair, and two executive committee members who serve as representatives of the Board at large. The executive board shall serve as the Board’s leadership and is responsible for oversight of the Board’s annual goals, member elections, and awards process. The executive committee is responsible for the amendment of the Board’s bylaws as approved by the entire Board.

If you interested in giving back to Loyola Law School by joining the Board of Governors, please review the below Roles and Responsibilities to see if it’s right for you and complete the online application by May 1, 2021.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities
A member of the Board is appointed to hold a position based on demonstrated involvement, support of, and commitment to Loyola Law School. In accepting an appointment, the member agrees to fulfill, to the best of their ability, the requirements and responsibilities associated with Board membership.

Term of Office
Board members serve up to two consecutive three-year terms. Renewal of a member's participation and service to the Board must be voted on and approved by the Nominations and Executive Committees at the end of their first term. Terms are based on fiscal year cycle (July 1 – June 30).

The Law Alumni Board of Governors meet on a quarterly basis during the academic year. Board members must attend no less than three of the four annual meetings. Meetings run approximately one-hour, with the exception of a spring workshop with faculty/staff which is 90-minutes.

Historically, meetings have been held in four of the following months: September, December, February/March, and May/June as selected by the Dean of the School of Law and Executive Committee members.

The Board is responsible for hosting the annual Alumni Awards and Reunion dinner each fall (serving on their Reunion committees in their celebration year) as well as the annual spring Scholarship Dinner and Damen Society Lunch. In addition, members of the Board assist the Office of Alumni Relations and Development in actively promoting and attending alumni events or programs throughout the year including but not limited to orientation week events, First Year Dinners, Speed Mentoring. They also receive invitations to high-level School of Law and University events throughout the year.

Board members are asked to participate each spring, and throughout the academic year with at least one the Dean’s Strategic Leadership Committees along with faculty/staff members. These Committees include: Alumni Engagement; City and Civic Engagement; Clinics, Centers, and Programs; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Faculty Development; Learning Community; Loyola Mission; Student Learning and Innovative Curriculum; Visibility Leadership.

Financial Participation
Board member are asked to make or obtain an annual gift to Loyola Law School, at no less than the Damen Society donor level ($1,000); and stewarding of other fundraising initiatives through donor cultivation and outreach.

Nomination Form

The School of Law's Alumni Board of Governors is organized for the purpose of promoting a closer relationship between law alumni and Loyola University Chicago School of Law and to foster and maintain the honor, dignity, and integrity of the profession of law. Board by-laws allow for up to 30 elected members to serve on the School of Law Board of Governors.

To submit a nomination for yourself or a Loyola University School of Law alumnus, please complete the online nomination form or email a single document containing all of the following information to the University’s Liaison to the Board of Governors, Tonya Romin, at tromin@luc.edu, by April 30, 2022.

If you are submitting your own nomination, please include the following information and answer to the questions below:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Employer
  • JD Year
  • Other Loyola Degrees
  • Summary of your involvement with Loyola law since graduation
  • A brief biography (no more than two pages) including, but not limited to, your professional accomplishments, community involvement, and any other relevant activities (paid or unpaid) that would be important for the Nominations committee to consider.
  • Why do you wish to serve on the Board of Governors and how you would improve the Board?
  • What are your three most impactful Loyola Law volunteer experiences and why?
  • What are your three most meaningful post-graduation Loyola experiences and why?
  • Any other information or attributes you believe make them a strong candidate for the Board of Governors.

If you are submitting a nomination on behalf of someone other than yourself, please provide the following information and answer to the questions below:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Nominee’s Name
  • Nominee’s Email Address
  • Nominee’s JD Year
  • Any other Loyola Degrees
  • Your connection to the individual; How long and on what basis, do you know the alumnus/ae?
  • Summary of the nominee's involvement with Loyola law since graduation
  • A brief biography (no more than two pages) including, but not limited to, their professional accomplishments, ways this individual is engaged through service to Loyola, the legal community, and any other relevant activities (paid or unpaid) that would be important for the Nominations committee to consider.
  • Why do you believe they would be a fit for the Board; what impact they can have on the Board and broader School of Law community?
  • Any other information or attributes you believe make them a strong candidate for the Board of Governors.

All nominations will be considered and reviewed by the Office of Alumni Relations, School of Law administration, and Law Alumni Board of Governors Executive and Nominations Committees before being approved by the Board of Governors.

The alumni association welcomes nominations for membership from all alumni and members of the University community. A committee made up of members of the association's Board of Governors reviews the materials submitted for each candidate and selects those persons whose achievements most closely fit the criteria for the Board. The names of those selected are then recommended to the Board and the Dean of the law school for election.

The deliberations of the awards committee and the Board are kept confidential. Those individuals elected are then notified and announced in July.

Former Board Members

Thank you to all those who have served on our Law Alumni Board of Governors and their continuous support to our law school community:

Laurence Acker (1976)
James Ahern* (1951)
Nina Appel
Marvin Aspen
Alan Barinholtz (1980)
Laurel Bellows (1974)
Thomas Beresky* (BS '51, JD '54)
Robert Bingle (1981)
Adam Bourgeois* (1951)
Brian Bradley (BA '49, JD '52)
Mark Braun (1949)
Thomas Bridgman* (1958)
Frank Butler (BBA '61, JD '65)
Peter Carey (1969)
Catherine Carter Huber (MSOD '95)
Jorge Cazares (1990)
James Chandler (2000)
Gery Chico (1985)
Michael Cho (1993)
Truda Chow (1998)
Denise Clack (1987)
The Honorable David Coar (1969)
James Connelly* (1951)
Vincent Cook (BA '72, MA '75 , JD '75)
Gerald Cooper (1978)
Mari Craven (1986)
The Honorable John Cullerton (BA '70, JD '74)
Robert Cushing* (1980)
Nahlah Daddino (BS '88, JD '91)
Suzanne Dawson* (1965)
Charles DeGryse* (1927)
The Honorable Kent Delgado (1996)
Matthew Devine (JD ’04)
The Honorable Gino DiVito (BA '59, JD '63)
Karen Dorff (1980)
Bertram Ebzery (1976)
Margee Elias (1986)
Allison Fakhoury (2003)
James Faught (1976)
James Ford (BA '71, JD '76)
John Fox* (BA '41, JD '49)
Daniel Fusco (1964)
JoAnne Gazarek (1976)
Susan Geller
Mara Georges (1988)
Deborah Golden (1984)
Francis Goodman* (BBA '55, JD '59)
Josie Gough (BA '74, MED '78, JD '84)
J. Edward Gullo
Martha Ha (1990)
Martin Hanley (1982)
Martin Healy (1968)
The Honorable Nathaniel Howse (BA '73, JD '76)
Christopher Hurley (1984)
Elizabeth Janda (1983)
Katherine Janega (1977)
The Honorable John Keleher* (BA '47, JD '51)
Maureen Kelly Ivory (1978)
Roger Kelly (1983)
Karen Kerbis (1985)
Garrett Kern (2001)
Jonathan King (1997)
Daniel Kotin (1991)
Jerome Larkin (BS '74, JD '78)
Jerry Latherow (1976)
Paul Lisnek
William Lowry (1987)
John Lynch (1994)
The Honorable Thaddeus Machnik (1982)
Lisa Madigan (1994)
Janet Mahoney (1987)
Charles Marshall (1998)
William Martin* (1961)
The Honorable Maurice McCarthy* (BA '60, JD '63)
Thomas McCauley (1975)
The Honorable Mary Ann McMorrow* (1953)
James McPolin (1959)
Alejandro Menchaca (1989)
Michael Mendelson
Jorge Montes (BA ’85, JD ’88)
Edmund Moran, Jr. (1973)
John Moran, Jr. (1978)
Terry Moritz (BS ’66, JD ’70)
The Honorable Francis Emmett Morrissey* (1933)
Gary Mueller (1989)
The Honorable Thomas Mulroy, Jr. (JD '72)
Charles Murdock (1963)
Robert Muriel (1993)
Thomas Needham (1984)
Robert Emmett Nolan (1975)
Kathleen O'Dekirk (1981)
Margaret Orbon (1976)
Arthur Pollman* (1963)
Richard Prendergast, Jr. (BBA '68, JD '69)
Edward Proctor, Jr. (1989)
The Honorable Lorna Propes (1975)
Stephen Pugh (BACLS '68, JD '73)
Samuel Puleo (2002)
Charles Purcell* (BA '53, JD '56)
The Honorable William Quinlan* (61, JD '64)
Romeo Quinto, Jr. (2000)
Richard Rappaport (BS '66, JD '67)
Frank Reynolds, Jr.* (1962)
The Honorable Jeanne Reynolds (1986)
John Richards (1951)
Jane Ring (1980)
Thomas Roche* (1955)
Jay Rock (1996)
Julia Rodgers (1994)
Daniel Roth (1980)
Steve Rotunno (1978)
Martha Sabol (1999)
Michael Sammon (1964)
James Sassen
Paul Schechter (1969)
The Honorable Andrea Schleifer (JD ’79)
Susan Schwartz (1980)
Wendell Sebastian (BS '67, JD '70)
John Sheahin (BS '65, JD '68)
Donald Shine (1969)
Raymond Simon (1956)
Kelly Smith Haley (2004)
Fletcher Smith, III (1994)
Todd Smith (1976)
Phillip Snyder
Martin Snyder (JD ’96)
Brian Speers (1993)
Laurence Stanton (1980)
Timothy Sullivan (BA '71, JD '75)
Norma Sutton (BA '74, JD '80)
John Waldron, Sr.* (1932)
Daniel Watts (1984)
Greta Weathersby (BA ’82, JD ’87)
Grace Wee Vise (1998)
Mitchell Wiet (1965)
Elizabeth Yore (1980)


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