Loyola University Chicago

English Tutoring at the Literacy Center

Mission and History

The mission of the Loyola Community Literacy Center is to provide individual assistance to all neighborhood adults who wish to improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English, whether they were born in the US or in other countries and whether they are native speakers or emergent multi-language learners.  Our primary interest at the Literacy Center is to help our adult learners reach their goals.  We want them to know that this is a place where they are welcome and respected. 

The  Literacy Center opened in 1992 in Stebler Hall on the Lake Shore Campus of Loyola University Chicago and has operated continually during both Fall and Spring semesters since that time. When open for tutoring in person, the Center is located in Loyola Hall on the Lake Shore Campus, 1110 W Loyola Avenue, 2nd floor conference room.  The Center office is on the 3rd floor in Room 313 (it is open only by appointment).  The best way to reach the Literacy Center is by email, literacy@luc.edu.

The LCLC is one of Loyola University Chicago's Service Learning projects. The LCLC serves a highly diverse community of adult learners. One of our learners said that because of the Center, not only did she improve her skills but she also felt welcome and included in the community. Our tutors are Loyola students, alumni, or Loyola volunteers; some students elect to earn course credit for tutoring in the Center as part of an internship. All tutors receive an orientation to the LCLC and to the circumstances of tutoring adults; all tutoring is supervised by an on-site manager and experienced lead-tutor assistants.

The Director of the LCLC is Jacqueline Heckman who teaches in the English Department and Honors Program. The Founding Director is Allen J. Frantzen, Professor Emeritus of English.

The Loyola Community Literacy Center is funded by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of English, and the Paul Glassco Endowment Fund. In addition, the Center has received support from the Graduate School.