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English Tutoring at the Literacy Center

Orientation for New Tutors

Information on Orientation Sessions

Regularly Scheduled Orientation Sessions for Loyola students who wish to tutor in the Spring Semester 2021 will be held on Tuesday, January 26th, Wednesday, January 27th, and Thursday January 28th at 7 p.m.  This will be conducted through Zoom; information for signing up will follow. 

You must attend one of the three scheduled evening orientations during the second week of the semester if you have never tutored at the Literacy Center before.

The regularly scheduled required orientation program for tutors new to the Center is given on three separate evenings in fall and spring. The same material is presented; you must attend one of the three. Once you have completed the orientation, you may tutor any evening/s you wish, as arranged with the LCLC managers.

The orientation session for tutors new to the Center is essential. It will help you find out if you want to tutor—not everybody is sure when they first walk in the door—and the presenters will tell you what you need to know to be an effective tutor. You can't tutor if you are not trained; it's that simple. Once you are trained, however, you will find that there is still more you need to know—about grammar, about pronunciation, about helping your learner with specific questions. That's why there are always two trained staff members on hand to help you. At the LCLC you are never alone; there are staff and resources to help you whenever you have questions.

All orientation sessions are now online.  They run from 7 p.m. to approximately 9:30 p.m. The orientation sessions (and tutoring) took place at the Literacy Center, 2nd floor conference room, Loyola Hall, 1110 W. Loyola Ave but they will be held on Zoom beginning September, 2020.

If you have tutored for the LCLC before, you do not have to attend the orientation session. Just call us at 773.508.2330 or e-mail locolice@gmail.com and let us know which night/s you will be able to tutor.  That stands for LO yola CO mmunity LI teracy CE nter.

Want to sign up? We will post information about signing up for orientation.  You can also call 773.508.2330 and leave a message if you have questions. You can also e-mail Jacqueline Heckman, director of the LCLC, for more information at literacy@luc.edu or the staff at locolice@gmail.com

If you are a Loyola student who has missed our regular orientation sessions, please email the staff at locolice@gmail.com or literacy@luc.edu and ask for an appointment for a "flash orientation." We offer these by appointment only at 6:20 pm on evenings we are open or at another time convenient to you and us.