Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing


The MS in Dietetics builds on the core of the Outcomes Performance Management Certificate Program, which is designed for baccalaureate degree health professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of the theories, models and methods that are used to improve health care. Students will gain an understanding of national and local perspectives on quality and health care policy issues. They will also acquire the skills to apply various methods and processes of performance improvements. Students will learn to redesign health care processes, use information technology, develop effective health care teams, coordinate care, and enact performance and outcome measurements.

Completion of a basic statistics course is required.

If completed in conjunction with Loyola’s Dietetic Internship, it is anticipated that both the internship and master’s degree can be completed in two to two and a half years. If completed as a registered dietitian, it is anticipated that the master’s could be completed in one to two years.

Course Plan

In order to complete the MS in Dietetics, the following courses are required. They include the 12 credits of the Loyola Dietetic Internship. If the student is a registered dietitian, some credits may not be required based on review of the application and professional portfolio materials.

Core CoursesSemester Hours
Theory and Research in Dietetic Practice (FONU 503) 3
Physical Assessment for Dietitians (FONU 407) 3
Community Health Concepts (GNUR 436) 3
Ethics for Advanced Practice (CMAN 402) 2
Epidemiology (CMAN 410) 1
Research for Health Care Professionals (GNUR 450) 3
Required Courses in Outcome Performance ManagementSemester Hours
Outcomes Performance Management Theory I (CMAN 439) 3
Outcomes Performance Management Methods (CMAN 440) 3
Advanced Concepts: Health Systems Management (CMAN 468) 3
Management of Professionals in Health Care Settings (CMAN 568) 3
Fiscal Management in Health Care Organizations (CMAN 533) 3
Required Courses for the Loyola Dietetic InternshipSemester Hours
Orientation to the Internship (FONU 400) 2
Medical Nutrition Therapy in Acute and Long-Term Care (FONU 401) 3
Supervised Practice in Acute and Long-Term Care (FONU 401P) 2
Community Nutrition, Food Service Management and Marketing (FONU 402) 3
Supervised Practice in Community, Management and Marketing (FONU 402P) 2
Electives (select one)Semester Hours
Obesity in Modern Society (GNUR 403) 3
Health Program Planning and Evaluation (CMAN 434) 3
Marketing in Health Care Organizations (CMAN 438) 3
Methods of Teaching (GNUR 509) 3

In addition to the above coursework, students are required to complete a comprehensive exam in accordance with policies of the Graduate Program Council of the School of Nursing. Students may complete the requirements of the Dietetic Internship and take the Registration Exam for Dietitians before completing the remainder of the M.S. in Dietetics curriculum.