Angela Mahaffey, PhD

Title/s:  Clinical Assistant Professor

Specialty Area: Chemistry, human physiology and microbiology

Office #:  Lake Shore Campus, BVM Room 911

Phone: 773.508.2902

Email: amahaf1@luc.edu

CV Link: 2021 Angela Mahaffey CV


Dr. Mahaffey has a background in the fields of Healthcare, Healthcare Facilities Accreditation, Health Education and Biochemistry. Currently, she instructs Chemistry and Human Physiology courses for undergraduate health professions students. Research projects include undergraduate health professions education and chemical production of sanitizers for user and electronics during e-learning practices. With the help of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Mahaffey has hosted Annual STEM Appreciation Events for K-12 students.

Research Interests

Health professions education, microbiological agents in hospital acquired infections in minority women patients


Selected Publications

Link to select publications