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MS in Human Resources

A Master of Science in Human Resources (MSHR) degree from Loyola’s top-ranking graduate business school prepares students to deal with real-world scenarios and challenges. Our practical curriculum focuses on providing hands-on training, often in partnership with established local businesses. A strong foundation in current HR practices together with a global perspective on issues impacting employee management enhances your knowledge, application and critical thinking abilities. Our MSHR is recognized as a premier graduate program in the industry.

Flexible course planning for Loyola’s master’s degree in human resources program allows students to tailor their education to individual interests and talents. Loyola offers many choices to make each student’s course selection unique.

Loyola’s MSHR students have the benefit of a well-structured curriculum and nationally-recognized instructors who are committed to enhancing the learning experience.

Curriculum Planner
Loyola University Chicago
Graduate School of Business—MSHR Program

The Admissions Committee reviews applications and previous academic work once an application is complete. Based on an applicant’s transcripts, the program director or department chair determines the number of courses needed to complete the MSHR degree.

  1. The number of courses required for the MSHR degree is 12 courses or 13 courses, if less than 3 years professional Human Resource experience.
  2. A course may be “Advanced” based on previous academic work. If Advanced, the student must complete an elective course.
  3. Students must complete all core courses for the MSHR degree or be Advanced as approved by the MSHR Program Director or Department Chair.

Requirements for MSHR Degree:

MSHR Core Requirements:Core Courses Waived / AdvancedGrade
HRER 413: Compensation    
HRER 418: Human Resources Law    
HRER 422: Global Human Resource Management     
HRER 462: Labor Management Relations    
HRER 463: Staffing    
HRER 490 Analytical Problem Solving HRER    
HRER 501: Performance Management    
MGMT 440: Integrative Leadership    
HRER 415 Internship (course ONLY required for students without three years HR experience);    

Electives for SHRM Certification:

CourseWaived /AdvancedGrade
HRER 429: Human Resource Development    
HRER 453: Incentive Pay and Employee Benefits    
HRER 455: EEO Public Policy and Employer Practices and Policies    

Other SHRM elective courses offered based on student demand:

HRER 419: Advanced HR Law    
HRER 430: Strategic Organizational Development and Change    
HRER 433: Group Process and Facilitation    
HRER 440 Labor and Employment Arbitration    
HRER 442: Global Overseas Seminar on Human Resources    
HRER 493: Collective Bargaining    
HRER 498: Independent Study    
HRER 499 Thesis    
HRER 500: Special Topics in Human Resources and Employment Relations    
HRER 502: Global Industrial/Employment Relations    
HRER 503: Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Work Place    

Apply now! You can also request more information online or our downtown Chicago campus for more details on our Master’s Degree in Human Resources.