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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Institute of Human Resources and Employment Relation’s Mentor Program. This program is a valuable resource that enriches the education of our students and recent graduates by helping them solve professional and career challenges. For alumni "mentors", it is an opportunity to share their knowledge with new HR professionals and to participate in the Mentor Program. For current students "mentees" participation in the Mentor Program offers an excellent networking opportunity, which is critical for an effective job-search and long-term career success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective members include:

Mentors: Institute of Human Resources and Employment Relations alumni who currently or have recently worked in the human resource and employment relations profession.

Mentees: Students who are currently enrolled in the MSHR Program, enrolled in the MBA Program with an HR Concentration, or enrolled as an undergraduate student majoring in HR. Remember that the number of Mentees we can sponsor is related to how many Mentors who participate.

No. It will be used only internally, mainly to ensure that you are a student or alum, and to match you with a mentor or mentee.

Our alumni have graciously volunteered to mentor students and recent graduates. They are committed to meet or communicate with you for two to three hours each month as needed. However, they are not responsible for finding you a job, an internship, or providing specific contacts within the profession.

Participation in the Mentor Program does not require a large time commitment. We request your participation in:

1. 2-hour (mandatory if you are a student) orientation program to receive program information and to meet their mentors or mentees.

2. Meet or communicate with mentors or mentees minimum 2 to 3 hours a month (via phone, email or in person).

3. 2-hour wrap-up session/celebration (Date TBD in April).

Absolutely not. Placing students is not part of their responsibility; mentors provide professional and career advice and help mentee with networking. If a student gets a job through the mentor program, that is a bonus. However, this program was not designed for this to be an expectation of mentees, and mentees should not ask.

Please contact the Program Coordinator immediately at 312.915.6168 or hrermentorprogram@luc.edu and let your mentor or mentee know about your decision.

Please contact the Program Coordinator immediately. We will assess each student or alum on a case-by-case basis and will delete the individual from the Institute’s Mentors program – if appropriate.

No. Getting a mentor or mentee depends on the number of participants who sign up.