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On-Sites and Sightseeing

by Gabriella Gardziola

On-site classes are a hack to seeing Rome even when you may not have the time to go on your own. To start, I’m taking six classes this semester. A full schedule. I would not recommend because you don’t really get a ton of time to venture about the city and balance work and maintain …

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  • Sicilian Singer-Songwriter Duo Performs an Exclusive Concert at the JFRC

    The JFRC welcomed Mimì Sterrantino and Davide Campisi on campus for a concert featuring Sicilian folk tunes and music from their newly released album, Mircanti.
  • JFRC Represented at the Saint Nicholas Serata Benefit Dinner

    The JFRC sponsored a table at the Saint Nicholas Serata benefit dinner and auction, with proceeds going to six different charities that serve needy communities in Rome.
  • Celebration of Scholarship Features Academic Work of JFRC Professors

    The JFRC community gathered for an event showcasing the scholarly work of JFRC's professors, from documentaries to publications to musical performances.
  • JFRC Celebrates International Film Week

    A variety of films were screened at the JFRC during International Film Week, with the Italian filmmakers in attendance to participate in a discussion about their work.
  • JFRC's First "Talking Books" Event Presents Local People as Living Stories

    JFRC students got the chance to meet nine special guests and talk with them about their life journeys, participating in the "lost art of conversation".
  • Professor Geoghegan Presents Her Latest Book at the JFRC

    JFRC Professor Elizabeth Geoghegan gives a reading of her newest collection of short stories, eightball, followed by a Q&A session.
  • Dr. Elkins Delivers Keynote Lecture for International Numismatics Conference at the JFRC

    Dr. Nathan T. Elkins, a specialist in Greek and Roman art and archaeology, delivered a keynote address entitled "Coins in the City – Coinage as a historical source from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period: the case of Rome".
  • JFRC Welcomes Fall 2019 Visiting Faculty Scholar Dr. Valente

    Dr. Ed Valente, the Visiting Faculty Scholar from the University of Portland, gave two public lectures at the JFRC about faith and science.
  • Guest Speaker Dr. Bachrach Gives Talk on Emotional Intelligence

    Dr. Estanislao Bachrach, expert on creativity, innovation, and change, delivers a talk on emotional intelligence for JFRC students.
  • JFRC Students Read Noteworthy Letters

    In a brand-new library event, JFRC students select and read aloud noteworthy letters by Saint Augustine, James Joyce, Mario Puzo, and more.