Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Health Services

Our students' well-being is our highest priority.


The Rome Center offers on-campus consultation with an English-speaking nurse during two afternoons each week during the fall and spring semester. All student rooms are equipped with refrigerators in which medicines that need to be kept cold can be stored. If special security is required, there is also a refrigerator in the nurse's office at the Rome Center.

The infirmary does not provide medication. Medication can be obtained easily at a local pharmacy. Students with chronic medical problems for which they routinely take an antibiotic should at least know the name of the antibiotic when they arrive in Rome. The campus physician can generally call in the prescription as long as the student knows the name of the antibiotic. Students who take regular prescriptions should talk with their doctor before traveling to Rome and take enough medication to last the whole time while abroad.

Counseling Services

The JFRC offers a unique environment rich in possibilities for personal and social development. The faculty and staff are available to help students adjust to the new setting and during any emotionally upsetting moments. The Rome Center also offers professional psychological support for its students by providing twice weekly visits to campus by an English-speaking mental health professional.

International Health Insurance

All Loyola Chicago students studying abroad are required to purchase the Loyola CISI health and emergency services plan prior to going abroad. To purchase the your insurance visit the Global Travel Center at http://www.luc.edu/oip/travelcenter.shtml

All visiting students must provide proof of international insurance before going abroad. If your home institution does not provide international insurance then you are required to purchase Loyola Chicago’s CISI health and emergency services plan.

What should I do if I need assistance while abroad?

The CISI Team Assist plan is designed by CISI in conjunction with the assistance company to provide travelers with worldwide, 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service. Multilingual help and advice can be furnished for the insured person in the event of an emergency. If you require Team Assist assistance, your ID number is your policy number: GLM N04849590.

That policy number, along with important contact information, can be found on your CISI insurance ID card, under “Emergency Contact Info” on the Participant Portal, and on the claim form (which is part of the LUC insurance coverage brochure).

To reach Team Assist from within the US, call 877-577-9504. From outside the US, you can place a collect call to 240-330-1520. You can also email OPS@europassistance-usa.com.

It is very important to carry your ID card with you at all times and to make sure you follow LUC’s suggested emergency protocols that are outlined during study abroad orientation. Proper communication is the backbone to successful care during emergency situations. Remember: CISI can’t help if they are unaware of the situation! In order to ensure that you are taken care of, please note the following:

  • Use the buddy system! Always make sure you let someone know your whereabouts if you are going to be alone;
  • Make sure you let a staff member know when you are feeling sick (even if you are just homesick!);
  • Unless CISI has already made special payment arrangements for all LUC students at a clinic in your city of study, you may be required to pay for visits out of pocket. This can be avoided by opening up a case with Team Assist ahead of any visits. Team Assist can direct you to the appropriate facility based on your needs and can also arrange for direct billing whenever possible;
  • If you do pay for treatment out-of-pocket, simply fill out a claim form (available on the

Participant Portal) and then scan and email the form along with any receipts to claimhelp@culturalinsurance.com. CISI’s in-house claims staff will process promptly and can mail a check to the address you designate (typically within 15 days).

  • Anyone can open up a case on behalf of an insured! Friends, family members, overseas and/or US-based staff can all call Team Assist to open up a case if you are unable to do so.  The sooner a case is opened, the better.
  • Your medical information will be kept confidential unless you authorize others to have access to your records. If you have a medical situation that you do not want to discuss with others, you should not attempt to seek treatment alone. Opening up a case with Team Assist will ensure that you receive adequate medical care and that your situation can be monitored.

How do I call Team Assist or make a collect call from abroad?

On your insurance ID card, you will see an 800 number and a standard phone number listed. The 800 number is for calls originating from the US. As a general rule, US-based 800 numbers can't be called from abroad because they are toll-free and typically blocked. If you need to reach Team Assist from outside the US and have an international calling plan, you can dial the standard US phone number listed (240-330-1520) using the appropriate country code for placing an outbound international call. You can also place a collect call to Team Assist.

One of the easiest ways to call collect is to use the international AT&T directory service. The number you will need to dial will depend on the country you are in. The below link is an excellent guide (with the ability to select your country from a drop-down menu). Please note that some countries have multiple numbers based on region. No membership is required for this service (per the AT&T site) and if using it to call collect, you should not be incurring any additional costs.


Dental Service

The university maintains a list of reputable, English-speaking dentists. The same procedures apply regarding bills and insurance claims for dental services as those for health services mentioned above.