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On-campus living plays a significant role in your JFRC and Rome experience.

Residence Life at the John Felice Rome Center plays a significant role in the educational program and the overall experience of your time as a student in Rome. On-campus life complements and supports students’ academic endeavors with co-curricular activities that enhance students’ development and help students find their niches within the University. The community that results in living with peers is one that leads to lifelong friendships with roommates, neighbors, faculty, and staff members.

As a student in the John Felice Rome Center community—and the larger Loyola University Chicago community—students are asked to respect the rights of others and be accountable for their actions. Always recall that personal decisions affect academic success; they affect the ability to stay safe and healthy, to manage a busy schedule, and to have time for recreation. Please review the Student Promise and the Community Standards Handbook to understand students' responsibilities to themselves and their peers.

As you browse the website, you will see some of the programs, services, and opportunities available to students living on-campus. We constantly work to improve our programs and value your comments, thoughts, and ideas. Please send us feedback, and any questions or concerns. The student life team looks forward to greeting you in Roma!


Our residential communities prepare people to lead extraordinary lives by integrating learning, spiritual growth and development.  We contribute to students’ transformative education by offering student centered programs, services and environments that foster student involvement, responsibility and leadership.


The JFRC Department of Residence Life enhances the campus experience by creating transformative environments.  We provide a safe, secure residence hall and inclusive communities where students, staff, and faculty integrate key academic, social, spiritual and recreational experiences.  Our commitment is to ignite individual passions and social responsibility in partnership with our residents.