Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Health and Safety Inspections

Instructions and Guidelines

The Department of Residence Life at Loyola University Chicago conducts Health & Safety Inspections of each room to identify and address any health, safety, sanitation, and maintenance issues that may be present. There are several reasons for the health and safety room inspection program:

  • To encourage students to become engaged in maintaining the condition of their living environments, to assist students in learning how to maintain a clean and safe environment in their room, and to promote a better understanding of the expectations the university has for students living on campus;
  • To assist in the prevention of rodent and pest infestations, damage problems, and other issues that impact the health, safety, and quality of life for all students living in the residence halls; and
  • To assist us in properly maintaining the condition of our residence halls.

Health & Safety Inspections are conducted by SLAs and the SL Facilities Team (Facilities and Operations SLA and Facilities Crew). At least ONE resident must be present at their scheduled time.

Health & Safety Inspections are intended to be a visual inspection; therefore, SLAs should not be searching through drawers, closets, refrigerators, or other items.