Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Required Travel Documents

Make copies of all required travel documents! 

  • One copy with your parents or responsible person in the U.S.
  • One copy in your room at the JFRC
  • One copy with you while traveling (but separate from the original).
  • Scan and email a copy of all your documents.

United States Passport 

Study Visa 

Letter from the Italian Consulate

Proof of International Health Insurance

Permission to Reside in Rome

Permesso Instructions Fall 2016

Under Italian law, all foreigners must obtain permission to live in Rome (the permesso di soggiorno) within eight days of arrival. The John Felice Rome Center staff will assist students in the application process upon their arrival at the Rome Center. Students must show the study visa stamp inside their passport to apply for the residency permit.  The required fees cover a tax stamp (€14,62), electronic notification (€27,50), and a postal handling charge (€30,00). 

Students should bring four (4) passport size photographs of themselves (not wearing glasses) for this purpose. Proof of international medical insurance and purchase of the Italian state hospitalization insurance (I.N.A. Assitalia), the latter obtained through the Rome Center after arrival, are also needed for this procedure, as is an official letter of admission (lettera d'iscrizione)imprinted with the University seal and notarized by the Italian Consulate.

Two copies of this official letter are provided to each student. The Italian Consulate will notarize one of the letters and return it with the student's passport and visa stamp. Students must bring this notarized letter with them to Rome to submit when applying for the permesso di soggiorno. Failure to bring this notarized letter may result in dismissal from the program.

Inoculation Certificate

There are no vaccinations required for travelers to Western Europe. However, certain vaccinations may be required for persons traveling to Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries. It is wise to check the regulations of countries in which students intend to travel. It is suggested that students consult with their physicians regarding routine inoculations when having the Medical History Report completed.