Loyola University Chicago

Student Academic Services


The departments within Student Academic Services (SAS) provide students with opportunities for learning, growth, and reflection. We aim to help students learn about themselves and fundamentally evolve in the way they perceive, think, and act in our global society, becoming driven toward action that leads to more just communities. SAS is composed of the following departments and programs: 

Achieving College Excellence

Achieving College Excellence (ACE) is devoted to engaging motivated students who are first-generation college students, who have high financial need, and/or who have a documented disability as they discern meaning and find direction in their academic, personal, social, spiritual, and professional journeys. Please visit the ACE website for more information. 

First and Second Year Advising

First and Second Year Advising serves the academic advising and support needs of undergraduate students at Loyola through the first two years of their college experience. We provide students with academic advising services and referrals to our university partners that contribute to a successful transition from high school to college and to our students’ holistic development. Please visit the First and Second Year Advising website for more information. 

New Student Programs

New Student Programs (NSP) in Student Academic Services (SAS) aims to create a seamless and integrated first-year experience that serves all students, but also tailors the experience to meet individual student and family needs. As part of this effort, NSP consists of two teams, one focused on the First-Year Experience broadly, and the other focused on providing wrap-around support services for Special Populations. Please visit the New Student Programs website for more information.  

Student Accessibility Center

The SAC’s mission is to uphold the university's commitment to legal (ADA) compliance and educational integrity through an interactive process by: 

  • Collaborating with faculty, staff, and campus partners.  

  • Facilitating reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. 

  • Acting as a resource to make the university more accessible for Loyola community members.

Please visit the Student Accessibilty Center website for more information. 

Student-Athlete Academic Services

Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS) exists to provide premier academic and personal development resources to all student-athletes pursuing higher education and competing in collegiate athletics. We intend to empower, support, and mobilize future world leaders while cultivating self-sufficient student-athletes. Please visit the Student-Athlete Academic Services website for more information.

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center embodies the mission of Loyola University Chicago by providing academic services and resources which foster development of skills and attitudes necessary to increase the knowledge and academic independence of all students. Through multiple learning services, the Tutoring Center helps to contribute towards student success and growth efforts that are made by Loyola University Chicago. Please visit the Tutoring Center website for more information.