Loyola University Chicago

Student Academic Services

Mission, Vision, and Values


At Loyola University Chicago, we prepare people to lead extraordinary lives that are grounded in the pursuit of knowledge, justice, and faith. In the Student Academic Services unit, our purpose is promoting the life-long success of Loyola students.  By providing opportunities for learning, growth, and reflection, we help students learn about themselves, and fundamentally evolve in the way they perceive, think and act in our global society – becoming driven toward action that leads to more just communities.

The Student Academic Services unit plays an integral role in this charge by providing support and opportunities that challenge students in their development. Infused with a conviction of cura personalis (care for the whole person) our programs, services, courses, and interactions are designed to encourage and empower students to positively impact the world.  A philosophy of magis (more) grounds our approach – that enabling students to learn more, to serve more, and to achieve more inspires all that we do.

The Loyola University Chicago Plan 2020 inspires, guides and provides measures for our efforts and defines our keys to success. 

  • Our approach is student-centered and built on the Jesuit tradition of fostering a holistic learning experience. We encourage students to achieve their fullest potential so they may contribute in meaningful ways to their communities and transform society through the value of social justice.
  • Our community is vibrant and strives to include all persons, respecting the dignity and unique contributions of all, with a commitment to the underserved.
  • Our programs are intentionally designed to be transformative and support each student’s individual gifts, talents and needs, as well as their overall Loyola experience. Programs are student-focused, data-driven and grounded in evidence based practices.
  • Our work is based on integrity; we strive to authentically and ethically create not only individual academic plans for our students, but also shared experiences and a unifying identity for all Loyola Ramblers.
  • Our spaces on campus are warm, welcoming and inclusive. This supportive environment is adaptable and accessible for all, providing services that nurture and encourage socially just learning, imagination, creativity, and understanding.
  • Our partnerships with colleagues, students, faculty, staff and community are collaborative and purposeful. These partnerships are built through intently listening and sharing clear information in a respectful and timely manner.
  • Our resources are fairly and ethically stewarded. We seek opportunities to attract, align and leverage resources to best serve our students as well as investing in the development of our SAS staff and faculty.
  • Our staff and faculty are critically important to our success. Clear opportunities for advancement and professional development exist and incentivize innovation in the student-centered ethos.   

Creating an environment of support that is built on our deeply held values and beliefs creates opportunities for students who will go on to make the world a better place for all of humanity. With voices strong, we are guided by our knowledge, reason, faith and commitment to excellence. 


Student Academic Services supports students’ successful transitions throughout their Loyola Experience by providing instruction, coordinated guidance, and personalized support for all. We embody Loyola’s social justice commitment to working with the underserved.

Our programs, services, resources and spaces focus on helping students build their capacities for progress and success in and out of the classroom.


All LUC students will engage with appropriate SAS programs, services, courses, and interactions to make successful transitions into and through the university toward a fulfilled post-graduate future.

All LUC students will graduate with a first destination in sight and an emerging commitment to values developed out of an authentic sense of self.

SAS will be an exemplar division among Jesuit institutions, contributing significantly as scholar-practitioners on the national level.


We believe that, enriched by a Loyola education, our students have the power to change lives and create a more just world.

Our work is built on a foundation of

  • The pursuit of a more just society through service to others
  • Professional excellence and a commitment to talent development
  • The Ignatian heritage of caring for the whole person – cura personalis – in an environment of critical reflection and sustained discernment
  • Mutual, active engagement with students for their growth and potential
  • Collaborative relationships with colleagues built on inclusion, respect, and integrity
  • Curiosity, innovation, and creativity in finding enduring solutions