Loyola University Chicago

THEA Institute

Mission, Goals, and Learning Outcomes



The mission of the Theology of Healing Earth in Action (THEA) Institute is to engage high school students in Catholic theology and Ignatian spirituality so that they might act as socially just leaders who care for creation in their local communities and the world.


The THEA Institute has five main goals:

  1. Invite students to discover and discern their gifts and vocation, drawing on the rich wisdom of the sacred scriptures.
  2. Awaken the imagination of participants through religious art, music, and prayer as tools for vocational discernment and leadership development.
  3. Foster the Ignatian value of love for others by critically examining environmental justice.
  4. Honor the multiethnic makeup of the Catholic community by providing participants competencies necessary to lead in diverse communities.
  5. Develop participants who will lead integrated lives of faith and justice empowering them to respond to contemporary challenges.

Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes have been developed for the high school participants:

  • Students will be able to identify a contemporary social and environmental justice challenge that faces the community and describe three human factors that have contributed to its existence.
  • Students will be able to explain how Christian scriptures and tradition confront the moral dilemma posed by environmental degradation by citing passages, text, or theologians.
  • Through the lens of Ignatian Spirituality, students will obtain an understanding of vocation as relational: being created by God, and then called into relationship with God and others, and to use one's gifts in the service of the world.
  • Through the exploration of their vocation, students will be able to name their gifts and describe how they might use their talents to address environmental justice.