Loyola University Chicago

THEA Institute

2024 Faculty

Meet our 2024 Summer Institute Faculty!

Below is a list of Loyola University Chicago and Arrupe College professors that will be leading courses this summer. Click on their name to learn more about them!


Topic and Course 

Dr. Josefrayn Sánchez-Perry

Science: Water & Humanity: A Social Lens 

Spirituality: My Relationship with Water 

Dr. Michael Nguyen

Science: Earth's Circulatory System: The Life-giving properties of Water 

Science: Water: Sacred and Scarce 

Dr. Felipe Legarreta

Ethics: Intrinsic & Instrumental Value 

Spirituality: Awe & Gratitude 

Dr. Teresa Gonzales

Ethics: A Common Good & A Human Right 

Ethics: Courage on a Generous Planet 

Michael Pederson, SJ

Spirituality: The Universal Value of Water