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Why Is Voting Important?

Civic engagement is a fundamental part of a transformative Jesuit education, and exercising one’s right to vote is the bedrock of civic engagement. Your voice deserves to be heard, and the ballot box is where your elected officials listen.

Does Loyola Votes Only Focus on Voting?

As our name implies, our primary focus is getting students civically engaged through the act of voting. We understand, however, that numerous students cannot vote for a plethora of reasons. You can still be civically engaged, even if you cannot vote. Please see our section on other ways to get involved to learn more.

Loyola engages in other civic engagement causes too, like advocating for Doubling the Pell Grant and supporting the Dream Act.

How Can I Get Involved?

Civic engagement looks different for everyone. For voting information, we recommend you visit our voting guide.

If you are interested in volunteering with Loyola Votes, click here to learn more about Loyola Votes Student Ambassadors.

Work on Election Day as a poll worker by clicking here.

Attend one of our events by clicking here

If you are interested in hosting your own voting event, click here to learn how Loyola Votes can support you.

What If I Am Abroad?

Please see the following resources:

My State Requires That I Have a Notary Sign My Ballot. Where Can I Access One?

Lakeshore Campus

The HUB at the Sullivan Center for Students and Career Services on our Lakeshore Campus can assist you.

Water Tower Campus

If you are looking for notary services at Water Tower Campus, follow these directions:

1) Contact Julia Saulsberry and Joyce Norwood to schedule notary services.

2) After scheduling your appointment, visit Lewis Towers, Room 510. It is critical that you bring a state ID card/license and your LUC ID.

3) Make sure you follow the directions on your ballot to ensure it is notarized properly.

What If I Need a Stamp or Envelope?

Stamps and envelopes for voting-related mail can be found in the Student Activities office (SAGA) in Damen Student Center at Lake Shore Campus. You must provide proof that you are sending voting-related mail. 

Help! I Still Have Questions.

We get it! Voting and becoming civically engaged can be confusing. If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at loyolavotes@luc.edu . If you would like to get in contact with someone specific, please click here

What Is Loyola Votes?

Loyola Votes is a part of a university-wide initiative, encouraging the entire Loyola community to become civically engaged, primarily through the act of voting.

What Is LUPE?

The Loyola University Public Engagement Task Force (LUPE) is a non-partisan, cross-campus community composed of students, faculty, and staff which works to coordinate civic engagement efforts across campus and community units. LUPE seeks to be the first point of contact for student and community groups with an interest in public engagement. For more information, please click here.