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Other Resources

We hope we've answered your questions, but in case we haven't, check out these other resources.

Loyola-Based Voting Resources

The Libraries
The Libraries have a fantastic website with even more voting information.

Learn about changes occurring right here at Loyola within Student Government.

Inside Government
Inside Government is a non-partisan, sponsored student organization dedicated to providing an "inside" look into the world of government and public service.

Community Engagement
Learn how Loyola partners with our local communities.

State and Local Resources

The Illinois Election Authority's Online Voter Registration Form
Here you can update your voter registration online.

Secretary of State 
The Secretary of State’s website has great information on registering to vote and requesting ballots that are Illinois-specific. 

Illinois Election Authorities
This is where to mail the paper form to register in Illinois.

The Cook County Clerk's Office
The chief election authority for Cook County.

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners
For information about voting, registering, and election results in Chicago.

Reform for Illinois
An independent organization dedicated to making the Illinois government and political system more ethical.

National Voting Resources

Check your registration status and get your absentee ballot. Fast, free, easy, secure, and non-partisan.

ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge
Loyola is a participating campus of the ALL IN Challenge, dedicated to helping colleges and universities become civically engaged.

Check out Loyola's page here.

An easy way to track a candidate, a current politician, or a piece of legislation.

A record of unedited news and information from official government sources, including videos and press releases.

A fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others who speak up in American politics.

A non-partisan, non-profit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.

First-Time Voter Guide
We recommend this website as a comprehensive guide for new voters. It will help you hit the polls with confidence!

The National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE)
Tufts University’s NSLVE survey is where we receive our information about Loyola students’ voting habits. 

Ballot Ready
A comprehensive guide to registering to vote and researching your specific ballot.

Students can make a voting plan and check election results here.

Student Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition 
A non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing student voter turnout.

National Association of Independent Colleges and University's (NAICU) Your Vote Your Voice campaign
Find more information about how colleges, universities, and their students can get involved in the voting process.

Federal Election Commission (FEC)
Find out more information about campaign financing and the role it plays in elections.

Campus Vote Project
A group dedicated to reducing barriers to student voting. Find state-by-state guides specifically for students here.

The League of Women Voters
A non-partisan organization dedicated to expanding voting rights.

Voter ID Cards
A non-partisan organization dedicated to letting people know what identification is needed for each state.

A non-partisan organization that educates potential voters on candidates and policies


We hope we've answered your questions, but in case we haven't, check out these other resources.