Loyola University Chicago

Department of English

Sample Course Offerings - Modern Literature & Culture

ENGL 419: Representing Blackness in Global Con/texts - Dr. Badia Ahad

This course focuses on contemporary literary and critical texts that work to further define and complicate the notion of an African diaspora, exploring in particular the efforts by people of African descent to forge the contours of an internally complex diasporic community through visual and literary means. 

ENGL 490: Topics in American Literature: “Chicana Identities”- Dr. Suzanne Bost

A study of five of the most critically prominent Mexican American women writers: María Amparo Ruiz de Burton, Gloria Anzaldúa, Cherríe Moraga, Ana Castillo, and Sandra Cisneros, focusing on the role of bodies and places in the construction of Chicana identity. 

ENGL 488: Twentieth-Century Literature in English: Border Studies - Dr. Paul Jay

This course focuses on the question of how contemporary writers and film-makers deal with cross-border experiences and the production of hybrid identities and cultures in response to the forces of colonialism, postcolonialism, and globalization deal with narration and narrative structures.

ENGL 480: Studies in Modernism: The Gender of Modernism - Dr. Pamela Caughie

This course explores the gendering of modernism—the historical, social, and psychological systems within which sexual identity becomes meaningful—through both primary texts of the modernist era and theoretical works of the past two decades, such as Rita Felski’s The Gender of Modernity and Liz Conor’s The Spectacular Modern Woman.  

ENGL 433: Seminar in Individual Authors: James Joyce - Dr. Joyce Wexler

Joyce criticism has been a thriving industry since the 1920s. Each generation finds the Joyce it needs. Although the primary question of the course is how Joyce’s major texts are being interpreted today, we will also compare current interests to those of earlier critics.