Loyola University Chicago

English Language Learning Program

Loyola’s ESL program

Conditional Admission

Loyola offers ICAP to applicants who have demonstrated their academic abilities in the classroom, but may need additional English language preparation and support in order to succeed in the undergraduate core curriculum of Loyola. ICAP applicants must have a 61 on the TOEFL or 5.0 on the IELTS and must be referred to the program by their undergraduate admission counselor.

*ICAP is only available for undergraduate programs.*

In order to be considered for ICAP, students must complete the Undergraduate Admission Application and submit all required academic supplements. Requirements can be found at http://www.luc.edu/undergrad/admission/us-university.html.

Students admitted to ICAP must complete the following requirements:

  • Minimum 1 semester of ESL studies. Placement exams in math, English, and/or writing will be used to place incoming students in the courses appropriate to their level of preparation. Students will be placed in one of the four levels of the ESL program. If a student scores high enough on the placement tests, he or she may be able to take some non-credit Advanced level ESL classes as well as some credit undergraduate level classes.
  • Minimum final grade of B in all ADVANCED ESL Program classes
  • Passing score on exit exam and writing placement exam
  • Teacher recommendations

Students must meet all of the above in order to enroll in full-time degree seeking courses. If a student fails to meet the above criteria, he or she must continue to take ESL classes. If a student fails to meet the above criteria for a second time, he or she would not be able to continue his/her studies at Loyola.

If you have any questions about ICAP and the application process please contact Undergraduate Admission admission@luc.edu.