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The Unified Student Government Association is divided up into three branches to ensure accountability and transparency. Much like the United States, the three branches are the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial. To learn more, see our structural map under About Us.

The Senate consists of the elected representatives of the student body: the Senators. There are thirty-five senators, seven for each class, and an additional seven senators undesignated to a specific class. The Senate acts as the voice of the undergraduate student population. The Senate is also in charge of allocating over half a million dollars to fund campus events, activities, and projects. To read more about the current senate, including its committees, click Senate.

The Executive Board is headed by the President of the USGA, whose job it is to maintain the efficiency of the entire government. Housing the Financial Department, and the Communications Department, the Executive Branch administers the mandates of the Senate, and implements the government's projects and initiatives. To read more about the current Executive Branch, click Executive.

The Judicial Board contains the Judicial Board, a body of judges headed by the Chief Justice. It is their job to review the actions of the USGA, including the legislation of the Senate and the orders of the President and make sure that they are inline with the laws established in the Charter, Constitution, Code, and previous Executive Orders. To read more about the current Judicial Board, click Judicial.

Appointees fill additional necessary positions within and without the USGA, such as Executive Secretaries or Shared Governance committee members.

Unified Student Government Association
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