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Grant Bosnich

Statement of Candidacy

Good evening voters, classmates, schoolmates, and friends. My name is Grant Bosnich and I am running to be apart of YOUR campus’ Unified Student Government Association. While I hope you read my entire statement, I’ve bolded the important points for the more active students.

My life in a box: I grew up in a small town called DePue Illinois, I went to a catholic high school Saint Bede Academy, I love playing and watching basketball, participating in fantasy football, advocating environmental activism, listening to music (specifically Third Eye Blind and Sugar Ray), NPR, and people’s stories, and being a freshman at Loyola! (The box is imaginary)

I plan on starting with something revolutionary to politics: honesty. As an elected senator, my first couple of weeks and maybe months will be a huge learning curve. But I am confident that under the wings of the strong upper class men statesmen, the process will be both easy and quick.

Being new will not stop me from immediate involvement though, as, if elected, I plan on advocating for improvements at any and all opportunities. I noticed a few in my first few weeks that relate to all students, but particularly to freshman, as much of my exposition was to these issues.

My first priority is establishing a USGA sponsored Technology Committee liaison with the University. For example, my first couple times on Locus were HORRENDOUS. I also think, while the University website is sufficient in supplying information about the University, that it could be a little easier to navigate through; I often find myself going into google and searching the key words of what I am looking for. Improvements to these sites would not only help us as student navigators but would also help prospective students looking for information online. The purpose of the Technology Committee would then be to present the University’s representatives with grievances, suggested improvements, or changes (or compliments!) to our online systems. With the information age just beginning, high technological efficiency would give Loyola another reason to be amongst the top ranked University’s.

I want to take a quick second to appreciate the efforts our community has made in the field of environmental consciousness: no plastic water bottle sales, Meatless Mondays reducing the carbon footprint, the Institute of environmental sustainability etc. SO, to those involved, well done! I think to add to the OUTSTANDING progress we have already made, we should consider installing the latest air drying technology in place of outdated dryers or paper towels. Keir McCarton writes on ecoseed.org “Energy efficient hand dryers offer greater long term benefits

over that of paper towels or older models of hand dryers in both financial and environmental aspects, helping to save the business money and importantly providing a greener alternative for a more sustainable future” (McCarton).

One final thing, Mertz needs a water dispensary on every floor! (For those that don’t know, there’s only one in the whole dorm, and it is on floor 2 out of 17).

In conclusion, I am just an average freshman in college. I think that is the strongest cornerstone for my campaign as I am running for a senate position that represents YOU. I go to the meetings, walk around campus, play pick-up in Halas, play my guitar on the beach, all representing you. Therefore, feel free to approach me with anything you need help with. I usually eat in Damen and I always study on the 3rd floor of Cudahy in the chairs on the south-west end. Best of luck with the rest of your semester!

Sincerely Grant


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