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Megan Prokett

Statement of Candidacy

     Hello, my name is Megan Prokott and I am running for Freshman Representative. I am very passionate about the Unified Student Government Association and I would love to be involved in a representative position. In order to represent one’s peers, it is important to form a personal connection and understanding with them. By understanding the people I am trying to represent as a Loyola student, I can help our school to build a community that will provide a better experience for all future ramblers. As a very social person, I love to meet others and it is very important to me that I can relate to the people I would represent.

      I also have extensive experience as a leader. In high school I was a captain of the varsity cross country team, the varsity ski team, and the junior varsity lacrosse team. Being a leader for the cross country team entailed organization and being a role model for the younger members of the team. Leadership on the ski team was a different experience with different responsibilities. Often, being a captain involved being a stand in coach, which taught me a lot about communicating with people and respecting power. As a lacrosse captain, it was important for me to keep team moral up in times of defeat. This was a very important skill to learn and optimism translates directly into almost all aspects of personal and professional life.

     Another experience in my life that I think will really benefit me as a candidate is my experience in National Honors Society. I realize that in order to represent people, I have to learn how to help them. NHS helped me do this because of the forty hours of mandatory volunteer work. Volunteering is an important experience to relate to one’s peers and this is something that will help me as I run for Freshman Representative. I hope all my experiences will help me to help Loyola University Chicago, whether or not I am elected.


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