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Kristen Torres

Sophomore Rep.

Hi! My name’s Kristen and I’m re-running to (hopefully) stay with student government for another year, this time as a sophomore representative.  I got elected last fall to be a freshmen senator and I absolutely love what I do. USGA is a huge part of my life and it’s helped me gain valuable experience and skills I wouldn’t have obtained elsewhere. I’m a Digital Media major in the school of Communication with minors in Spanish and Visual Communication.

My family is Puerto Rican and Panamanian, and I grew up in Miami, FL, one of the most diverse places in the country. You could easily survive there without speaking a lick of English. Because I grew up and went to school with such a diverse group of Latin American people, I believe I have experience dealing with issues that other people don’t. Most of my friends and their families back in Miami fled their home countries of Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil because living conditions weren’t always favorable. Hearing their stories and growing up with their struggles really opened my eyes to the injustice present in the world and developed my love for social justice and equality. Being in USGA this past year has taught me that equality is one of the most important things in life, and I want to continue being a leader and paving the way for Loyola’s future when it comes to that.

I’ve always been actively involved in my school’s journalism outlets and was an editor on my high school’s paper. I’ve never had a problem assuming a leadership position and have always valued people’s opinions. It has never been difficult for me to connect with the student body. I spent my summers in high school in Panama, helping my grandma on her mission trips and I hope to continue that as I get older.

Right now in USGA, I’m in the Facilities and Transportation committee. We mostly deal with 8-ride and the shuttle services to and from Water Tower. One of my favorite things that we’ve accomplished this year is working on re-structuring 8-ride. Being able to gain student input and actually put plans to action is one of the greatest feelings ever. I’ve grown a real love for my committee and the things we do and hope to one day become Chair of my committee.

I know elections are rough but I’m extremely passionate about USGA. I love people and I love being able to be that medium between the student body and administrators. If I get re-elected I will whole-heartedly continue putting 100% in to everything that I do for the student body.


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