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Undesignated Representative Candidates

These candidates have applied to be Undesignated Representatives to the USGA. Please see their Statements of Candidacy below. 

Kyle McCloskey

I have thoroughly enjoyed this past year being a member of USGA and would want nothing more than to continue on with the work I’ve started this year. I believe that I have been a good liaison between Campus Safety and USGA through the Safety and Wellness committee, helping to create a more safe campus and a great relationship between our students and those who enforce the safety of our campus. I have cosponsored the upcoming piece of legislation concerning undocumented students who want to come and study here at Loyola, a piece of legislation that will ask the administration to take into account and do a better job reaching out to possible students who otherwise might not have been able to go to college. In my second term, I’d plan on working hard to see these projects more thoroughly explored and expanded and to help create a more diverse and safe campus. I would also like to get involved next year with the meal plan fiasco, meaning I’d like to ensure that gold and silver meal plan options stay for a more economical choice to that of the “all access meal plans”, or at least stress the dissatisfaction of the Loyola University of Chicago student community, who were taken aback by the exorbitant price increase.

I plan on continuing in USGA to ensure this campus is improved, not downgraded. I plan on being a liaison through which my fellow peers can voice their opinion and see true action and positive change continue to occur.


Danish Murtaza

Hello, my name is Danish Murtaza and I am running for the position of Undesignated Senator for the 2013-2014 period. I am currently a Sophomore Representative and the Chair of the Justice Committee. My committee was primarily responsible for issues of social justice, environmental sustainability, and Jesuit, Catholic identity. This was my second year as a member of the USGA, first year as Chair of the Justice Committee. During my tenure in USGA, I have defended financial aid programs such as Pell and Map grants and facilitated the creation of the Chief Diversity Officer proposal. I am currently working on a just employment policy proposal for workers on campus (in order to provide them with a living wage and better working conditions) and I am working to have Loyola stop purchasing electricity from coal power and boost our purchasing from alternative sources such as wind and nuclear. I hope to continue and finish these projects through the end of my current term and the next term if re-elected. I am very passionate about my job and I am very passionate about Loyola. I would greatly appreciate your vote!


Brian Donovan

Dear Fellow Ramblers,

I am very excited for having the opportunity to become one of your sophomore representatives. I’m also happy that I live in such a vibrant and diverse society and can’t wait to see what else I can do to contribute to our community. I am majoring in business and computer information systems and have lots of past leadership experience. Some positions I have held throughout high school are president of my Chinese club, treasurer of student council, captain and manager of my school soccer team, and also becoming an Eagle Scout through the boy scouts of America. On campus I am involved in residence hall council, ramble outdoors, and this summer I will be a freshman orientation leader. I want to be a sophomore representative because I like being the inside man and getting things done. I also believe that I have the leadership skills and experience to help make a significant impact on and off of campus. Please let me be your voice for USGA.  

Brian Donovan  


Kelsey Holmes

Hello! My name is Kelsey Holmes and I am running to be your undesignated representative.  I am really excited about this and want to help everyone’s experience at Loyola be the best possible. I was involved in USGA this year as a part of the Facilities and Transportation committee and really enjoyed it.  We are currently working on multiple projects which I would love nothing more than continue to see through. I would love to represent the student body in order to hear your ideas and bring them to light.  I am ready to listen to any suggestions and take the steps necessary to make them happen.  I believe that everyone should have a say in what is going on around them and by electing me, you will make sure that your voice is heard.  I want to bring continue being part of the positive change at Loyola through USGA and aid everyone in having an awesome college experience!


Tommy Stadtlander

Hello fellow Loyola Undergraduates! My name is Tommy Stadtlander and I am re-running for the senate seat of “Undesignated Representative”. I spent this previous semester being actively involved in USGA, along with participating in many of the great opportunities it presented. Throughout my college, as well as high school, careers I have held numerous leadership positions that aim to actively involve my peers and commit to seek change through growth and knowledge. My membership in various student organizations across campus have aided my abilities in being a dynamic participant in the overall Loyola community, and through USGA I hope to bring all aspects of the various student organizations together. I am seeking election for this office, as I desire a part in the USGA experience. I strongly believe in the mission statement and purpose of this student-run government, and after being involved in only one semester understand the importance that this organization plays in the lives of Loyola students. USGA matters, not just to me, but to each student on this campus and as your senator I know I can foster progress as well as a commitment to improving the lives of every Loyola student.          


Ingrid Heider

Unified Student Government Association prides itself in representing and voicing the concerns of the undergraduate student population here at Loyola University. I hope to accomplish just this as a Senator in USGA. Throughout my first year, I have experienced the typical transitions every freshman faces: I did not get into a class I wanted, felt somewhat restricted with dining hall meal options, and had some difficulty in establishing myself in a large community. Using my personal experience, I hope to help others make the most out of their Loyola experience. Whether it is helping to bring a new major or minor to the curriculum or addressing the changing meal plan concerns, I will strive to cater to the diverse needs of the Loyola community. If elected to this position, I aim to provide opportunities to help students get involved and voice their ideas and opinions. Through our combined efforts, we can continue to create a strong and bright future for Loyola University Chicago.  


Douglas Kugler

I, Matthew Douglas Kugler, hear by announce my candidacy for the office of undesignated representative. I am running for this office to be your voice in student government, for if Loyola is to truly live up to its values of academic excellence, student leadership, and social justice the students must be active participants.

If elected I will always be open to your suggestions and ideas, and that is why I ask that anyone who wants to talk about the issues that matter to them to stop by Mertz 924, and a have chat. Together we can and will have a positive impact not only on Loyola, but in the larger community of which we are a part of by creating more service opportunity’s, reaching out to those who are disenfranchised and always striving to have an open and constructive dialog. I will fight to keep tuition and other costs down; so that we can all make it to graduation with as little debt as possible.

 I have the experience to be an effective leader advocating for your interests. I am currently an active member of the USGA, standing on both the Safety and Wellness Committee and Constitutional Review Board, where I have written and cosponsored legislation. I am currently a member of Alpha Phi Omega the National Co-Ed Service Fraternity on campus. The founder and President of a nonprofit corporation, a four year student council representative and officer, the lead organizer of a Hope for Haiti fundraiser, and a member of several other advocacy and service groups. Though our challenge is great I am fully prepared to be your voice in Student Government.

So, I ask that when you cast your seven votes one of them is for me.  I will always be your voice advocating for what you believe in. My fellow students ask not what I can do for you, but what we can do together: get involved, get active, and let’s go change the world.


Emilie Burton

I am Emilie Burton, a freshman at Loyola, majoring in Bioinformatics with a minor a Neuroscience. I am running as an Undesignated Representative for the Justice Committee. I am currently part of the Leadership for Change Social Change community and as a USGA representative, I would promote awareness of social justice issues through working with environmental and diversity groups on campus. As an international student, I could offer new ideas or methods regarding the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body. Throughout my high school experience, I have always been part of the school council and enjoyed it.  As, the Student Promise says: I aspire to be a person for others committed to working towards a more just world and I will contribute my talents, gifts and ideas to strengthen and the community. I celebrate and acknowledge diversity. So, Vote Emilie as an Undesignated Representative for Justice!  


Ryan Kelley

Hello! My name is Ryan Kelley. I am a Sophomore Entrepreneurship major in the Quinlan School of Business. I transferred to Loyola this semester from a school near my hometown, Washington, D.C. My family operates restaurants and a catering company. Any of you who also grew up in the world of small business probably knows what that means: child labor laws don’t really apply. Regardless, I can think of few better ways for me to have developed a strong work ethic than through working (and living) in the restaurant business. I have an older brother, Dillon, who is twenty years old and lives back home with my parents. He has Fragile X Syndrome, a form of Autism, and every year he and I advocate on Capitol Hill for funding to develop a treatment (and ultimately a cure) for Autism disorders. Throughout high school, I was a member and captain of my school’s mock trial team, and during that time I also worked as a legal aide for a law firm in Southern Maryland.

Building on these experiences, I personally am excited to continue practicing my communication and problem-solving skills. Beyond everything else, however, USGA exists to be your, the student’s, voice in the governance of our school. The most important function of a representative body is to represent the opinions of the people for whom it exists. Growing up in the business of hospitality has given me a natural inclination to make those around me feel comfortable, happy, and respected. As a representative, I will always be available to hear your ideas on how to make Loyola a better place to live and learn, and I promise to articulate those ideas to the best of my ability on your behalf.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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