Loyola University Chicago


Minor in Bioinformatics

The Bioinformatics minor at Loyola provides students with the training and opportunities in this ground-breaking discipline, with career advancement and post-graduate possibilities for years to come. Students minoring in Bioinformatics will be able to:

  • explain genetics concepts,
  • apply computational methods to biological data,
  • apply statistical methods to biological data, and
  • evaluate computational & statistical methods for the analysis of biological data.

Degree Requirements, Course Descriptions and Learning Outcomes

The following degree requirements are for students who have declared the minor in Bioinformatics.

BIOL 101 General Biology (3 credits)
BIOL 282 Genetics (3 credits)
BIOL 388 Bioinformatics (3 credits)

MATH 215 Intro to Programming (3 credit hours)

MATH 131 Applied Calculus I (3 credits)
MATH 132 Applied Calculus II (3 credits)
STAT 335 Intro to Biostats (3 credits) or STAT 203 Intro to Prob & Stats (3 credits)
STAT 337 Quantitative Methods in Bioinformatics (3 credits)

BIOL 387 Genomics (3 credits)
BIOL 392 Metagenomics (3 credits)
BIOI 397 Bioinformatics Survey (3 credits)


There is no limit to courses double-dipping between the Bioinformatics minor and other majors/minors. (Please refer to other majors/minors regarding their policies.)