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The Sujack Awards

The Edwin T. and Vivijeanne F. Sujack Award for Teaching Excellence

The Sujack Teaching Awards were established in 1994 by Edwin T. and Vivijeanne F. Sujack in order to take special notice each year of two outstanding teachers in the College of Arts and Sciences. These awards recognize superb teaching of undergraduate students. Since 1994, fifty-six members from sixteen academic disciplines have received a Sujack Awards. In addition, each faculty member’s home department receives a cash award to be used in support of activities that will enhance teaching at the department level.

Recipients of the Award have in common a dynamic presence in the classroom, a willingness to try new ways of teaching, and a devotion to students that goes beyond the ordinary classroom experience. These faculty members embody the Jesuit ideal of higher education in their dedication to high standards, to critical thinking and to the principle that knowledge must be put to the benefit of humanity.

The Sujack Family Award for Faculty Research Excellence

In 2012, the Sujack Family established the Sujack Family Faculty Research Excellence Awards in order to recognize College faculty for their individual research and scholarship outside of the classroom. In order to assist faculty in conducting their research, support from these awards will provide for such costs as data acquisition, summer stipends and related travel expenses. This award helps faculty conduct the research which will enhance not only their scholarship, but also the Jesuit ideal of higher education and the greater Loyola University Chicago community.

Faculty winners, Master Teachers, and Master Researchers receive both a plaque or certificate and a monetary award at a ceremony in April of each year. In addition, each faculty member’s home department receives a cash award to be used in support of activities that will enhance either teaching or research at the department level.

2021 Recipients

  • Dmitriy Dligach, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  • Gema Kloppe-Santamaria, Assistant Professor, History
  • Marcella Linn, Instructor, Philosophy
  • Amanda Savage, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Marek Suszko, Senior Lecturer, History
  • Peter Tingley, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Meghan Condon, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Long Le-Khac, Assistant Professor, English
  • Joseph Milanovich, Associate Professor,
  • Biology Walter Tangarife, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Rodney Dale, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Elizabeth Wakefield, Assistant Professor, Psychology


2020 Recipients

  • Daniel Cavanaugh, PhD, Assistant Professor in Biology
  • Dana Garbarski, PhD, Assistant Professor in Sociology
  • Daniel Becker, PhD, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • F. Bryan Pickett, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology 
  • Robert Polak, PhD, Advanced Lecturer of Physics
  • Joseph Vukov, PhD, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
  • James Lodolce, PhD, Advanced Lecturer in Biology
  • Gajan Sivandran, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor in Engineering Science
  • Kathleen Adams, PhD, Professor of Anthropology
  • Brian Cannon, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Eric Chan-Tin, PhD, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Graham Moran, PhD, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Past Recipients

Sujack Ceremony Program

Sujack Ceremony Program