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Interdisciplinary Centers

The College of Arts and Sciences houses several of the University's interdisciplinary centers.

The Center for Criminal Justice

The Center for Criminal Justice’s mission is to promote fair, informed, effective and ethical approaches to criminal justice policy and practice through collaborative interdisciplinary research and evaluation, professional leadership development, and targeted projects designed to bring about systemic improvements in the criminal justice system.

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The Center for Cybersecurity

The Center for Cybersecurity, under the lead of the Department of Computer Science, is actively engaged in other partners, including government and industry, in various cybersecurity activities. It has been designated as an NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD).

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The Center for Data Science and Consulting

The Center for Data Science and Consulting specializes in providing data science training and assistance for researchers in all aspects of data science including data collection, data wrangling, data analysis, machine learning, statistical modeling, visualization, and database management. 

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The Center for Research on International Affairs

The Center for Research on International Affairs (CRIA) promotes internationally oriented research and externally funded grant projects, internationally oriented academic programs at our Chicago-based campuses, lectures and presentations on international topics, and international research connections. 

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The Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities

The Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities (CTSDH) is a collaborative multidisciplinary research center that supports research across the humanities, arts, communication, computer science, social sciences, and University Libraries.

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The Hank Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage

The Joan and Bill Hank Center is a venue for faculty, students, and staff to learn about and investigate Roman Catholic thought and its links to all academic disciplines with a strong emphasis on scholarly research and interdisciplinary engagement. 

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The Honors Program

Since 1936, the Honors Program has provided an enriched educational experience for the university’s most talented students. 

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The Jesuit First Studies Program

The Jesuit First Studies Program invites men training to be priests or brothers in the Jesuit order into a dynamic, multi-faceted environment designed to open their hearts and minds and prepare them for mission through a holistic experience that integrates academics, intergenerational community living, ministry, and religious prayer and worship.

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The Jesuit Heritage Research Center

The Jesuit Heritage Research Center, housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, serves as a hub to connect the Loyola University Chicago and the Chicagoland community with the Society of Jesus through collaborative research, preservation, and continuation of the Jesuit tradition in a 21st-century, global context. 

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