For Currently Enrolled Students Seeking EL Credit for Prior or Current Coursework

All Loyola courses that have been approved for Engaged Learning (EL) are clearly designated in LOCUS and on this Engaged Learning webpage.  In rare cases students participate in courses, such as Independent Study, that have the potential to be approved for EL.  In those cases, students should follow the procedure below:

1. Provide an explanation of the engaged learning requirements and activities in the course for which credit is being requested.  Be sure to refer to the required criteria for the category of EL being sought (Academic Internships; Service-learning; Undergraduate Research; Fieldwork or Public Performance), clearly articulating how the course addresses each of the criteria.  Submit this explanation, along with a course syllabus, to the Chair of the Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUS) Engaged Learning Sub-Committee for review for possible EL credit via engagedlearning@luc.edu.

2. The Chair of the BUS Engaged Learning Sub-Committee will notify the student and the student’s academic advisor of the Sub- Committee’s decision 7-10 business days following the original request.


Please Note: Past internships are not considered for Engaged Learning credit. Students with an approved internship must enroll in an academic internship course that has been designated for Engaged Learning by the University’s Engaged Learning Subcommittee of the Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUS). The academic internship course and the internship experience are done concurrently (in the same semester).