Loyola University Chicago

Center for Field Innovation, Research, Strategy, and Training (C-FIRST)

School of Social Work


The Loyola University Chicago (LUC) School of Social Work (SSW) Center for Field Innovation, Research Strategy and Training (C-FIRST), engages community-based interventions and practice-based research that supports the sustainable implementation of innovative interventions to meet the unique challenges faced by organizations, clinicians and students across Chicago and suburban communities.

C-FIRST promotes and creates collaborative relationships with academic and community stakeholders in the development and implementation of:

  1. Innovative and interprofessional training programs (e.g., training the workforce of future social workers, nurses, physicians and those from other professions in interprofessional interventions in atypical settings.)

  2. Community-based clinical training and organizational support (e.g., training the current workforce with flexible quality products that meet continuing education requirements while addressing immediate demands). Trainings include: Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT), substance use/substance use disorder treatment and the CABISAM Certificate Program.

  3. Creation of clearinghouses and libraries that are populated in response to community inquiries and demand.

  4. Providing ongoing consultation and technical assistance.