Loyola University Chicago

Center for Field Innovation, Research, Strategy, and Training (C-FIRST)

School of Social Work

C-FIRST Annual Conference & Capstone Experiences

Annually, C-FIRST hosts a key event (e.g. conference, capstone experience) which is typically open to students, faculty, staff and community clinicians connected to the CABISAM program. Such events provide participants with an opportunity to learn more about topics surrounding substance use disorders, including the SBIRT model, Opioid Use Disorder and provide a forum for individuals to network and meet others with similar interest in their fields.

Past events include:

2022    6th Annual SBIRT@LUC Conference (Oneline): (CABISAM Cohort VI)

Capstone Seminar: SOWK 634 Course: Advanced Brief Interventions for Substance Use


2021    5th Annual SBIRT@LUC Conference (Online): (CABISAM Cohort V)

CABISAM Virtual Morning of Reflection


2020    4th Annual SBIRT@LUC Conference (Online): (CABISAM Cohort IV)

            CABISAM & OWETP Virtual Poster Presentations


2019    3rd Annual SBIRT@LUC Conference (CABISAM Cohort III)

            Featured Speaker: Dr. Ann Mitchell

            Topic: SBIRT & Interprofessional Practice


2018    2nd Annual SBIRT@LUC Conference (CABISAM Cohort II)

Guest Trainer: Dr. Lyle Cooper, University of Tennessee

Topic: Opioids and SBIRT---Reducing Risk


2017    1st Annual SBIRT@LUC Conference (CABISAM Cohort I)

            Guest Trainer: Dr. Lyle Cooper, University of Tennessee

            Topic: SBIRT in Diverse Settings