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Student Activities

Don't Panic

The purpose of Don’t Panic! Computer Science is to create, promote, and maintain a community of current students and Loyola University Chicago Alumni who are passionate about Computer Science topics.

Women In Cybersecurity Chapter LUC

Our mission is to have a profound and lasting impact on the Loyola community by fostering female inclusivity, inspiring future leaders, promoting career development, confidence, advocacy, service, and partnership.

Minorities in Tech

Our aim is provide resources and establish a space that promotes creativity for tech students.


7968 sends teams to cybersecurity competitions, both offensive and defensive in nature, and both academic and recreational in purpose, to represent Loyola University Chicago. 7968 also provides training to students to enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as hosting other cybersecurity-related events. Learn more at 7968.org, or contact us to join.