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Computer Science (BS)

The B.S. degree program in computer science provides a balance between theoretical foundations and applied computer science with the ultimate goal of presenting knowledge likely to be of ongoing value throughout one’s career.

Cybersecurity (BS)

This major grows out of the enormous importance of network computing and the major challenges to security that these networks pose. Students examine the architecture, properties, management, and performance of both wired and wireless networks, including how to keep them reliable and secure.

Information Technology (BS)

This major prepares students who plan to design, create, and administer large information bases used by organizations.

Information Technology (BA)

The B.A. in Information Technology is designed for those interested in leadership roles in the growing and ever-critical IT job market.

Mathematics and Computer Science (BS)

The B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science provides students with a strong foundation in both fields. Core courses from the Mathematics and Computer Science curricula will aid students to develop critical thinking and communication skills, as well as a technical and practical understanding of programming and algorithm design.

Physics with Computer Science (BS)

This major is preparation for graduate study in physics, applied physics, computer science, and especially in the burgeoning research field of computational physics, as well as in many branches of engineering.

Software Engineering (BS)

Students will gain necessary talents to be successful in today’s organizations, following current industry practices: designing and developing software; understanding and applying software development processes and methodologies in their work; leveraging software development tools used in the various phases of the development life cycle, and functioning as an effective member of a software development team or organization.

Web Technologies (BA)

Designed for those interested in careers in web development or design, web or social media analytics, or software engineering, SCPS’s Web Technologies degree program provides students a strong foundation in the design and development of websites and web applications.