Civic Engagement

Building a culture of civic engagement

The secure affordable housing along with other neighborhood-oriented improvements that DSNI continues to make in the neighborhood has removed the fear of displacement and has built a culture of civic engagement by encouraging existing resident financial and social investment in the community. Barros explains “So as a person who lives here, I can buy a house knowing what kinds of investments (DSNI) are gonna make in the neighborhood and feel good about making that investment myself personally in a house and staying here.” The culture of civic engagement is infectious. Diane Dujon recounts:

"I mean, as soon as I retired three years ago, first thing I did was get on the board of DSNI. That’s how much I appreciate them. You know, if you have questions or issues they’re there to help you. You feel like you have some backup. I just think it’s marvelous what they’ve done. It’s been miraculous (laughing)."